Some Solidworks objects fails to publish

  • Fails to publish Solidworks objects (such as .sldprt, .sldasm, .slddrw)

Error message in WVS Job Monitor:

2019-apr-03 11:44:05:WWGM ERROR: Loading addin "\x86e_win64\obj\swadapter_loader_net.dll" into SolidWorks failed
2019-apr-03 11:44:06:Failed to create dvffile
2019-apr-03 11:44:06:Part Processing Returned: $ERROR$ Failed to create dvffile

Error message in worker_1.log on the Solidworks worker:

[2019-04-03 11:52:07] Connecting to server "<server address>" on port 5600
[2019-04-03 11:52:07] Connection established
[2019-04-03 11:52:08] Registering as WORKER3 <servername> SOLIDWORKS
logString is worker_1.log
[2019-04-03 11:52:10] Initializing WWGM : [2019-04-03 11:52:10] sw2pv Error:13029: Initialization of WWGM worker failed (0)
WWGM ERROR: Loading addin "\x86e_win64\obj\swadapter_loader_net.dll" into SolidWorks failed
[2019-04-03 11:52:10] sw2pv Error:13031: WWGM worker not available, cannot access Windchill dataset.
[2019-04-03 11:52:10] sw2pv Error:58011: Failed to create dvffile[2019-04-03 11:52:11] sw2pv Warning: Child lost connection to Parent

  • In File Sync Worker mode, the Windchill Workgroup Manager opens the CAD files, performs synchronization, and saves them to the workspace local directory

  • When the preference Workspace > Add to Workspace and Check Out​ > Automatically lock objects added to Workspace is set to Yes, the CAD files are made read-only and the Workgroup Manager is unable to save the CAD files after synchronization

  • The error message: Sync failed, unable to get SolidWorks UWGM COM Helper is generated by the WWGM client code

  • This can occur when it cannot locate the registered ActiveX Control DLL swadapter_com_helper.dll

  • This might mean that this file is missing from the %PTC_WGM_HOME%\i486_nt\obj or %PTC_WGM_HOME%\x86e_win64\obj folder,or, more likely, that it has not been registered correctly

  • Stop the worker from WVS, clear all caches on the worker:
    .​​wf (inside solidworks worker setup folder)
    .​​wf (inside solidworks worker setup folder)
    All folders under: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\PTC

  • Set the preference Workspace > Add to Workspace and Check Out​ > Automatically lock objects added to Workspace to No for the Windchill user account configured (in the files) to perform File Sync

  • The swadapter_com_helper.dll ActiveX Component is normally registered during the installation of the WWGM client, so uninstallation and reinstallation of the WWGM client may resolve this

  • If it does not, however, the remedial action is to:

  1. Try registering the DLL in a cmdtool (elevated via Run as administrator, if Windows 7), using the following command: 

    ​For 64 bit Solidworks application:

    ​​regsvr32 %PTC_WGM_HOME%\x86e_win64\obj\swadapter_com_helper.dll

  2. If it still fails, use the WWGM Tools > Application Manager UI to first unregister the SolidWorks application and then to re-register it

  3. Restart WorkerDaemon.exe or GS Worker Daemon Service

  4. Start SolidWorks and make sure that PTC Windchill Workgroup Manager is selected under Tools > Add-Ins