Update revision from letters to numerics

  • ​​How to change Revision series from letters to numerics or other way around

  • Issue to revise objects that uses alphabetical revision series in their OIR but the default system OIR uses numeric revision series

  • ​OIR is not using the same revision serie, the OIR needs to be changed for the objects to revise them

1. Pick up the number in the URL for the object to change Revision series for:

https://<windchill address>/Windchill/app/#ptc1/tcomp/infoPage?oid=VR%3Awt.epm.EPMDocument%3A1687092&u8=1

2. Adjust the following line in a text-editor, example:

java wt.vc.ChangeRevisionLabelUtility -oid wt.epm.EPMDocument:1687092 -oldRev A -newRev 52 -username wcadmin -password <wcadmin password>

3.  Execute the line in Windchill Shell