Unable to register Windchill in Creo parametric using the host name of Windchill Server

  • User is unable to use the host name of Windchill server to register Windchill PDMLink inside Creo Parametric

  • From the client machine, the only way to reach the Windchill server is to use IP number in external browser

  • ​​The workaround to register Windchill server inside Creo Parametric using IP number to the server is not working 

  • The server address is directly changing its address to its name

Add the address in the DNS or in the host-file:

  1. On the client machine go to the folder: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

  2. Open the host file using admin rights

  3. Add the line in the end of the host-file with the IP-number and Windchill-server address:​​

  4. Restart the machine and register the Windchill server as usual inside of Creo Parametric: