Unable to download files to Creo Parametric or WGM when using replica-server as Preferred File Server

  • Download files from Replica server is not possible (Windchill Preference: Preferred File Server: Replica_Server_Name)

  • The same files can be downloaded when using Master-server (Windchill Preference: Preferred File Server: Master_Server_Name)

  • Add to workspace only adds the file name to the workspace, but its not possible to open the file:

Inside the Creo Parametric prompt:

Add to workspace started: XXXXXX.prt.
Add to workspace finished: XXXXXX.prt. 
Download started: XXXXXX.prt.
Download failed: XXXXXX.prt.
See the Event Management console for details.'wtws://PDM/Test/XXXXXX.prt|v=X.X' cannot be retrieved. 'XXXXXX' cannot be retrieved

Event manager:

'wtpub://PDM/Products/XXXXXXXX.prt|v=X.X' cannot be retrieved.'wtws://PDM/Test/XXXXXXXX.prt|v=X.X' cannot be retrieved.'XXXXXXXX' cannot be retrieved.

  • ​Replica Server cannot be reached or its port 80 is blocked

  • ​​​Make sure that port 80 is not occupied by another service or its blocked by the firewall.

  • Make sure that the Master server & Replica server can be pinged

  • If they cannot be pinged add the server names in the Host-file on the client machine:

  • (Add the address in the DNS or in the host-file):

    1. On the client machine go to the folder: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

    2. Open the host-file using admin-rights

    3. Add the line in the end of the host-file with the IP-number and Windchill-server address:
      (Do not use the numbers used in this example)​​