​​How to check available licenses in Windchill PDMLink?

  • ​​How to check available licenses in Windchill PDMLink 11.1 M010 and later?

  • How to exclude non-named users from license pool in Windchill PDMLink M010 and later

  1. ​​Check available Windchill PDMLink licenses
    Log in as wcadmin and go to Site --> Utilities --> License Management

  2. Check Available licenses under License Information, if no licenses are available more licenses needs to be acquired.
    In this example: 
    57 total licenses
    0 total licenses 

  3. To see the number of licenses needed you can approximate this by doing a license Report.
    In this example: 67 licenses 

  4. In this example there is a lack of licenses: 67 - 57 = 10

​​Some Windchill users should not use a Windchill license (non-named accounts), such as wcadmin, orgadmin, publisher, test-users etc.

  1. Log in as wcadmin and go to Site --> Utilities --> Participant Administration

  2. Add the Group: PTC PDMLink Module License and License Exlusion to the table:

  3. Edit the group PTC PDMLink Module License and Add Members: License Exlusion

  4. Now find all the users that should is not a named users such as administrator, publisher, test-user etc and assign the user to the correct groups:
    RemovePTC PDMLink Module License
    Add Groups
    License Exlusion

Note! This workaround will reset every midnight if the Windchill version is 11.1 M010 CPS2 or earlier due to a software bugg