Unable to perform search without error message saying the Index Server is down

​​Error received during search in Windchill:

Index Server Down
The index search function is not available, an attribute search has been used. The search results may not contain all of the objects you expected. Please contact your Windchill system administrator

​SolR service is not running

These steps are to be performed by a Windchill admin with IT knowledge​​. If you are hesitant, please contact our support team.

Make sure that the PTC_SolR service is up an running. If it is not, start it manually.

If problem is not solved you can try one of the following actions:

  • Restart the Windchill server and make sure all Windchill services and the PTC_SolR starts automatically

  • Wait for WTBackup to restart Windchill (this depends on your setup of WTBackup)

  • Make sure PTC_SolR is running. Stop the Windchill services manually, empty the Windchill caches and restart the Windchill services