Apache service (HTTPServer) cannot be started after Microsoft security updates

​​The HTTPServer (Apache) cannot be started on a windchill server or replica server

  • ​Block by antivirus

  • Other applications that is using port 80

Change the row in: http.conf

Listen  change to the port should be used if not port 80



<Property name="wt.webserver.port" overridable="true" targetFile="codebase/wt.properties" value="85"/>


  • If it is a master server its now complete

  • For replica-sites the following needs to be adjusted as well:

  1. Log in as wcadmin, go to Site > Utilities > Filed Server Admin > Files Server Management

  2. Right-click, click the site that needs to be changed, and press Edit

  3. In the field that contains the URL-name "http://replica server name", add the port number before the "/Windchill"-part. Example: IE:http://italy.servername.com:85/Windchill