How to modify "non-latest" objects inside of Windchill PDMLink


  • How to iterate or check out a non-latest or older version or revision or iteration of CAD Document in Windchill PDMLink?

  • How to create a new iteration of an object from an old iteration of the object (not using the current, latest iteration)?

  • How to revise a non-latest version or version of CAD data in Windchill?

  • Attempting to revise a non-latest revision fails as there is a red strikethrough through the object or it is excluded.  How to enable revise of the object?

  • How to enable the option to Revise for a specification of the state In Work?

  • CAD file cannot be revised if Allow revise of non-latest revisions is set to No and non-latest iteration is checked out

  • The preference "Allow revise of non-latest revisions" is applicable for non latest revisions and not iterations.
    So if you wish to revise a non-latest revision, it will always pick-up the latest iteration of selected non-latest revision.

            • Two preferences are available to control the behavior of revising / iterating the non-latest objects:
            1. To allow checkout of non-latest iterations navigate to Site > Utilities > Preference Management > Create and Edit >Allow checkout of non-latest iterations set value of preference as  Allow checkout of non-latest iterations
            2. To allow revise of non-latest revision navigate to Site > Utilities > Preference Management Revise > set value Yes for the preference ​Allow revise of non-latest revisions
            • Also see CS189560
            • This video describes how to modify non-latest objects by Preference Management settings:
              Allow checkout of non-latest - yes
              Allow revise of non-latest revisions - yes


            • This video describes how to modify non-latest objects in Windchill PDMLink by using a workaround