Unable to launch java-application from Windchill PDMLink

  • Published2019-11-06


  • Cannot start java-applications from Windchill

  • Cannot edit or view templates in Windchill workflow definer

Issue example:

  1. Download a workflow-template from Windchill and when double-click view or edit on the template:

  2. Java exception:
    "application blocked by java security"

  • ​Java security settings automatically blocks downloaded java-files from not authorised websites

  • Set Java Security exception for the site-location (windchill-address)

  1. Make sure Java is installed on your machine

  2. Edit java Security settings and add the Windchill-address to the Site List and press OK

  3. Open the template again and now a Run prompt should show instead, press Run:

  4. Login as the user to start the application, in this case wcadmin: