LDAP Synchronization for email-addresses are not complete

  • LDAP Synchronization for the email id did not happened

  • Old e-mail address still exist, even thou the new adress are set up correctly in the central AD

  • User information from AD did not sync

Update the email id of the user from the database 

  • Log on to oracle with the Windchill-user

  • Run the following SQL queries​​

  • select ida2a2 from wtuser where name like '%<username>%';



  • To be sure its the correct user run this to see the number is the same:

 select name, ida2a2 from wtuser where name like '%<username>%';
  • Create a Backup of the table

create table wtuser_bkp as select * from wtuser;
  • Update the e-mail address to the correct one:

update WTUser set email='<new email id of the user>' where ida2a2='<ida2a2 value of the user from previous query>';


update WTUser set email='patrik.larsson@mammasnyakille.se' where ida2a2='635226540';
  • Refresh the browser