Where is the Creo View configuration file located and how to share it?

  • Published20/11-2019

  • ReferencePTC article CS32479


  • Where is Creo View Settings stored?

  • How to share Creo View settings?

      • Creo View Settings are stored in the following locations:

        1) The server_prefs.xml downloaded from a Creo View Configurations from the Windchill server context hierarchy

        2) The admin_prefs.xml read from the <CreoView>\preferences\ProductView directory within the installation

        3) The user_prefs.xml read from the user's profile: %APPDATA%/ptc/ProductView/user_prefs.xml

      • To distribute Creo View settings use Windchill PDMLink to distribute preferences for Creo View Client:

      1. Set up your settings, press OK and exit Creo View:

      2. Go to: %APPDATA%/ptc/ProductView, copy the user_prefs.xml file

      3. Rename the user_prefs.xml file to server_prefs.xml 

      4. Log on to Windchill PDMLink as administrator --> Site --> Utilities --> Visualization Configuration Administration

      5. Create a new Creo View Configuration:

      6. Upload the server_prefs.xml:

      7. Press Add File

        Video demo over how to proceed with this steps (step 1-7):


      Further info is found here: CS32479