Not able to import a license file in Windchill PDMLink 11.1

Published: 2020-02-27


  • Not able to import a license file in Windchill PDMLink 11.1
    -After using binary file downloaded from License Management portal 

  • Error message when applying the license file (Process Capability Response):
    "Response is out of order with previous responses"

  • Error in Method-server log:

    2020-02-26 15:48:26,562 ERROR [ajp-nio-] wt.licenseusage.licensing.PaidLicenseManager wcadmin - Failed to process capability response
    com.flexnet.licensing.exceptions.ResponseStaleException: Response is out of order with previous responses.
    at com.flexnet.licensing.b.a.j(SourceFile:263)
    at com.flexnet.licensing.b.i.a(SourceFile:531)
    at com.flexnet.licensing.a.g.a(SourceFile:92)
    at com.flexnet.licensing.a.t.addTrustedStorageLicenseSource(SourceFile:159)
    at com.flexnet.licensing.a.t.processCapabilityResponse(SourceFile:178)
    at wt.licenseusage.licensing.PaidLicenseManager.processCapabilityResponse(
    at wt.licenseusage.licensing.LicenseController.processCapabilityResponseForDarkSite(
    at wt.licenseusage.licensing.StandardLicenseManagerService.processCapabilityResponseForDarkSite(

  1. Shutdown the windchill-service

  2. Delete <Windchill dir>\Windchill\conf\licensing\trustedstorage 
    (Note! Please make a backup of this folder before deleting it) 

  3. Start the windchill-service and verify that there are no existing license information

  4. Import the old license

  • ​​Download a new license file from License Management Portal