How to reindex all SOLR data in Windchill PDMLink

  • ​​How to delete reindex all Solr-data or Reindex all data?

​​Reference: Article - CS36257

  1. Stop all the Windchill index queues (log on as wcadmin)
    1. From Site > Utilities > Queue Management
  2. Delete indexed objects from Solr Server
    1. Execute the following at Windchill server using a web browser (11.0 M030):
      • Or execute from Solr Admin UI like below:
        http://<Solr_host>:<Solr port>/solr
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User-added image
  1. Start all the Windchill index queues
  2. Re-index data
    1. Start Windchill’s Bulk Index Tool
      1. Run command from Windchill Shell: windchill wt.index.BulkIndexTool
        1. Reset all entries back to "objects remaining" status:
          • Select option 8: Delete indexed data 
        2. Start bulk indexing all entries:
          • Select option 1: Index all Windchill data
        3. Monitor status:
          1. Select option 7:
        4. If stuck:
          1. Select option 5: Reset processing objects