Check in to Windchill PDMLink fails with error: "NDI ERROR: two dependencies have same uniqueID"

Published: 2020-04-01

  • ​​Drawing cannot be checked in

  • Error message when checking in drawing with modified files with it, this is during the upload process:

    NDI ERROR: two dependencies have same uniqueID "R/1073741824/5600058052-1<5600058053>.prt/null".

  1. Set option:

    cleanup_drawing_dependencies yes_cs_not_required
    Note: This is a hidden config option so will not be found if searching in the Add Option dialog

  2. Retrieve the drawing in session from a workspace, if the warning comes up, please remove the Missing dependents:

  3. Regenerate the objects on the drawing and save them first to the workspace

  4. Go to the drawing and update it, then save it to workspace

  5. Check in the modified objects first

  6. Check in the drawing last