Vuforia Chalk FAQ and resource information page


  • How does the license model for Vuforia Chalk work?

  • How to get started with Vuforia Chalk?

  • Where do I find documentation of Vuforia Chalk?

  • Where to find tutorials for Vuforia Chalk?

  • Is it possible to use both desktop application and mobile application together?

  • How does Vuforia Chalk works?

  • How does the license model for Vuforia Chalk work

  • Contact PDSVISION, more info found under our website

  • How to get started with Vuforia Chalk?

  1. The first user at the company that register will automatically be administrator for Vuforia Chalk


  2. The administrator for the company should in step 2 create all users for the company to avoid duplicate users and issues to link accounts afterwards to the company


    Or see this guide how to manage users in Vuforia Chalk Admin Center
  3. Once the users have accepted the email invitation and the terms of agreement, they can download Vuforia Chalk on their supported device.

  4. Download the Vuforia Chalk Mobile App

  5. Log on in the Vuforia Mobile App and start using Vuforia Chalk