Error when opening a Creo View representation from Internet Explorer

  • ​​When opening a representation from Internet explorer to Creo View, follow issue popes up:

    Error with Windchill request:
    ATTENTION: Error occurred communicating with Windchill. Contact your Windchill administrator for help

  • ​Creo View 4.1 was the version running

  • The Creo View client machine and user has multiple SSL Certificates stored

  • Creo View is only finding the first certificate, which it cannot use

  1. ​​Set in Creo windows_browser_type ie_browser

  2. Set Windchill PDMLink address in internet explorer as trusted site

  3. Configure Internet explorer to not check certificate by, for more info: CS312299
    Under Security section, uncheck the option Check for server certificate revocation

  4. Set the following system environment variable:

    For more info: CS242260