Unable to move Part from Library to Product

  • ​​Cannot move objects between contexts

  • Error message when moving the objects:

Conflict Description: 

Life cycle template of object "<Name>, <Version>" does not exist in the target context.

  • The source and target contexts do not share the same life cycle template

  • Export the missing life cycle template from the context and import it to organisation level, so it is shareable to all contexts

  • If this do not work, make sure to reassign the life cycle for all versions of the objects that needs to be moved, see error message for further explanation which version needs to be reassigned, i.e: 

  1.  Life cycle template of object "1XXXXXX, A.1" does not exist in the target context.
  2. Go to version A.1 of 1XXXXX

  3. Reassign the Life Cycle and pick the new Life cycle template that is used in the context that the part should be moved to

  4. Move the object