Unable to open objects from WGM to Solidworks

​​Cannot open objects from WGM to Solidworks with error:

Failed to open in SolidWorks 2017: <filename>.SLDASM does not exist

  • The Windchill File System folder location is also shared via Windows File and Printer Sharing (a shared file system is not supported for WFS)
  • Or other search-path issue

  • ​​Set up startscripts to make this path set correctly


@echo off
color 3f
if not exist C:\PTC\ mkdir C:\PTC\
if not exist C:\PTC\pdm_cache_WWGM_SW_%USERNAME% mkdir C:\PTC\pdm_cache_WWGM_SW_%USERNAME%
if not exist C:\PTC\pdm_cache_WWGM_SW_%USERNAME%\cache mkdir C:\PTC\pdm_cache_WWGM_SW_%USERNAME%\cache
if exist "C:\PTC" set work_dir=C:\PTC

set PTC_WF_ROOT=%work_dir%\pdm_cache_WWGM_SW_%USERNAME%\cache\.wf
set PTC_WLD_ROOT=%work_dir%\pdm_cache_WWGM_SW_%USERNAME%\.wwgm
set PTC_WGM_ROOT=%work_dir%\pdm_cache_WWGM_SW_%USERNAME%\.root
set PTC_VFS_ROOT=%work_dir%\pdm_cache_WWGM_SW_%USERNAME%\.vfs
set PTC_WFS_ROOT=%work_dir%\pdm_cache_WWGM_SW_%USERNAME%\.wfs
set PTC_WF_CACHE=%work_dir%\pdm_cache_WWGM_SW_%USERNAME%\.cache\
xcopy /Y /F /S /Q "P:\WGM_scripts\wgmclient.ini" "C:\ptc\wgm\wgmclient.ini"

If exist C:\PTC\pdm_cache_WWGM_SW_%USERNAME%\.root\.Settings\appregistry.xml GOTO :Start_SW
C:\Windows\system32\wscript.exe //e:jscript "c:\PTC/wgm\bin\uwgm_client.js"
goto :End
goto :End
timeout 5
taskkill /F /FI "USERNAME eq %username%" /IM cmd.exe
  • Set out shortcut to start in the WGM-folder: C:\PTC\WGM

  • Register the CAD-application and the PDMLink Server

  • Change WFS file path to the new cache location: Tools --> Windchill File System Management

  • IE: 
    Changed to: C:\PTC\pdm_cache_WWGM_SW_%USERNAME%

  • Remove any of the following environment variables:


  • Restart the machine

  • ​​Remove the cache 

  • Remove old environment variables

  • Re-register CAD-application and PDMLink server

  • If this does not work, set up startscript like described in resolution