How can we access a PE server from home?

  • Created date: 2020-11-11



  • How can we access PE environment when working from home (will work in the office as well) ? 

  1. Copy the following link;

    aws ssm start-session --document-name AWS-StartPortForwardingSession --parameters "localPortNumber=55678,portNumber=3389" --profile prod --target i-... --region eu-west-1  

  2. Open Command Line and paste the link there. 

  3. Open Instances ( Copy the Instance ID of the desired customer's PE.

  4. Go back to the command line. Remove i-... and paste the Instance ID (see picture)

  5.  Click enter and port 55678 will open for a short while. 

  6. Open a new remote desktop connection and type localhost:55678


     7. Enter the password (you'll find the password in CMS keepass) and click OK and you're inside the PE server.