Excel keyref file not working with translations

​​Created an excel keyref file, but can not see the translations on the documents, why?

  • ​Excel keyref file does not have abx:lang set (eg. abx:lang="en-GB")

  • The excel file does not have correct language mapping as tabs according to your CMS.

  • Open for publish was not performed

  • No translations has been created

  • Set abx:lang property on the keyref excel file as your master langauge, eg.

  • Prepare excel keyref file for translation (choose the languages you have in the excel file)

  • Needs to have a reference (keyrefhef) to a Release and not an author document.

  • Make sure that your excel file has correct language code mapped to the CMS

  • Dont forget to perform a "Open for Publish" on the translation document