​​Cache file(s) takes several GB in size on my computer. Memory low on PC, can which files are OK to remove?

  • ​​Cache file(s) takes several GB in size on my computer.

  • Disk space low on PC, which files are OK to delete?

​Arbortext Editor and SimonsoftCMS cache gets large over time if you dont remove the cache folders.

  • ​​Arbortext Editor cache:

You can delete the .aptcache folder located here:


  • SvnAdapter cache:

  1. You can delete the "customer.simonsoftcmse.se" folder located here:

  2. You can delete the "customer.simonsoftcms.se" folder located here:

    NOTE! Next time you make a login to the SimonsoftCMS, it could take some time due to cleared cache. 

  3. You can delete everything within the log folder:

    NOTE! Please check so you dont have LogLevel set to All in Tools --> Preferences --> SimonsoftCMS