Guide to get eLearning-access on PrecisionLMS and create learning packages

  • Published: 28/8-2019


  • ​​Customer tries to access eLearning but get error message "Content access denied" despite being PTC account administrator or precisionLMS admin.

  • How to create a new Learning package?

  • How can a user access the learning packages?

  • ​No Learning Packages have been set up.

  • How to create a new package?

  • Only the admin has the access to create a new package.

These are the steps to create a new package.

1.   Login to your Precision LMS account:

2.   Click on Administration tab.

3.   Go to Custom learning packages section and select manage learning package.

4.   Click create new package

Then follow the procedure by following steps to Create a New Package

A.  Package name
Admin can decide what package name he want to give e.g. test, learning etc.


B.  Package content
In this section, you have to add the content

Once you click the add content you will be able to see the list of packages you want to add in the package. (please tick the box):

Once you save the content you will be able to see it on the package:

C.  Package availability duration

In this section, you have 2 options

·        Fixed duration (you can choose the start and end date)

·        Flexible duration (you can choose from the below time frame)


D.  Maximum users allowed
Admin can decide for how many users he want to give the package. (It depends how many licenses you have.
For e.g. if you have 5 licenses for Mathcad and 10 licenses for Creo Parametric and you want to create package for these 2 contents so admin can grant access to only 5 users) 

E.     Allowed email domains (Example entry:,,
In this column admin can put restrictions on the users to a particular domain as mentioned in the above example

Once you click save your new package have been created. 

Once your learning package got created you can do some necessary changes if you want to do by going to this section (Actions)

 Icons further explained:

1.  Edit - you can do correction in your package
2.  Duplicate - you can create duplicate package
3.  Share - in this tab you can share your package code
     (admin has to send this package code to the users so that they can login to their precision lms account to get the access of this course.)

4. Package information - this icon helps you to see all your package information in one go.

5. Deactivate - you can deactivate your package.
6. Delete- the last one is to delete your package.

To activate the Learning Package for the user

1.     Log out from your account
2.     Enter your email and the package code

Now the course material should be visible.