Worker Agent Administration vill inte starta

  • ​​Cannot start Creo-workers from Worker Agent Administration (nothing happens when the worker is started) 

  • Only the right flag are red, the left flag is still green which means that only the worker daemon process is started.

  • ​The Creo-process cannot start on the specified worker machine

  • One reason might be that the xtop-process is hanging:

  • This have also resulted in that the job might have got stuck in the Queue-manager:

​​Part 1: Close the xtop.exe processes on the worker. 

  • The best way is to modify the start-script for the worker by adding the following line in proeworker.bat
    Often the location would be something like: E:\ptc\creo_view_adapters\proe_setup

@echo off
echo Launching proe2pv in worker mode
TASKKILL /F /IM xtop.exe
set PTC_WF_ROOT=E:\ptc\creo_view_adapters\proe_setup2\.wf
set PTC_WLD_ROOT=E:\ptc\creo_view_adapters\proe_setup2\.wld
if "%HOMEDRIVE%"=="" goto set_user_home
if "%HOMEPATH%"=="" goto set_user_home
goto user_home_set
set HOMEPATH=\ptc\creo_view_adapters\proe_setup2
set PVIEW_HOME=E:\ptc\creo_view_adapters
cd "E:\ptc\creo_view_adapters\proe_setup2"
"E:\ptc\creo_view_adapters\i486_nt\obj\workermonitor" -su "E:\ptc\creo_view_adapters\proe_setup2\proestartup.bat" -UH -s "E:\ptc\creo_view_adapters\i486_nt\obj\proe2pv" -DA creoworker_2 -vt -r proe2pv.rcp -EW PROE -CSseluws1646 5600 %*

  • Then reload the worker and start the worker.

Part 2, make sure to close any "executing" jobs that is hanging

  • Go to Site --> Utilities --> Queue Management --> PublisherQueue1 & PublisherQueue1
    Delete any jobs that is "executing"

  • Republish failed jobs