Publishing is down and worker agent fails to start

​​Worker agent fails to start

Worker Agent Administration shows status:

Fails to Start

Here are the steps you can try to start the worker again


You need to be an administrator in Windchill and have access to the worker-server

Step 1

Try to restart the worker from the Worker Agent Administration:

  1. Click Stop All and wait for the UI to refresh

  2. Click Reload

  3. Click Start All and see if the workers start

Step 2

Access the worker-server and clear worker caches:

  1. Go to Worker Agent Administration and click Stop All, deselect the On-Line column so the workers do not start automatically

  2. Log on to worker server and go to the folder proe_setup under the worker installation folder, often named creo_view_adapters/proe_setup

  3. Run the purge.bat file to automatically clear all temp-files inside the folder

  4. Delete (or take a backup) the .wf and .wld cache folder inside the proe_setup folder

  5. Delete (or take a backup) of old cache folders in the Shared folder. If the worker is not installed on the same server as Windchill, there is a Shared folder containing failed publifications. Delete folders that are more than 24h old.

  6. Delete all proe2.pvo files. These are usually found under: {username}/Appdata/Local/Temp

  7. Go back to Worker Agent Administration and click

  8. Click Start All and see if the workers start

Other things to check/try

  • If the worker is not installed on the same server as Windchill - make sure the service GS Worker Daemon is running on the worker server. Try to stop it and start it

  • Start a Creo Parametric session on the worker server - it should start without any errors

  • Start a Creo Parametric session on worker server using proepublish.bat in proe_setup folder - this starts the session with the worker setting and should start without errors

  • Open inbound port 5600 on Windchill server

  • Open inbound/outbound port 601 on Worker server (make sure this is the port used by the worker)