​​​​Cannot open Mathcad Prime 4.0 file

​​​​Cannot open Mathcad Prime 4.0 file

​File is corrupt

Try to solve the problem with the following steps:​​

  1. Rename the corrupt file from *.MCDX to *.ZIP

  2. Try to extract (or open) the ZIP-file. If you cannot extract it and get CRC error, then download a ZIP repair tool such as https://www.diskinternals.com/zip-repair/

  3. Repair the ZIP-file using the ZIP repair tool and open it, don’t extract it

  4. Rename a healthy *.MCDX-file to *.ZIP and extract it. This is useful to have when repairing the corrupt zip file.

  5. Compare and copy the contents of the two ZIP-files accroding to these guidelines:

    Copy: If “header.xml”, “footer.xml” and integration.xml files are missing in the corrupt ZIP-file, then add those from the healthy ZIP-file
    Do not copy: Do not copy the “worksheet.xml” from the healthy ZIP-file to the corrupt ZIP-file since the contents of the “worksheet.xml” inside the corrupt zip file is what we are trying to open and we don’t want to replace this. Futhermore, there is no need to add the “result.xml” file since it contains the calculated results
  6. Leave the media folder inside the corrupt ZIP-file intact and do not replace it with the healthy ZIP-file’s media folder. If necessary, delete images from the corrupt ZIP-file

  7. Finally close the opened and corrupt ZIP-file and rename it back to *.MCDX. Then open it in Mathcad Prime