Issues opening objects from WGM for Solidworks

​​Sometimes opening a SolidWorks object from Windchill Workgroup Manager gets error:

Unable to connect to Windchill Workgroup Manager. If more than one instance of the authoring application is running, the new one will run disconnected

  1. ​​Create a folder directly under C:\PTC

  2. Install WGM under C:\PTC

  3. Create a new start-script (bat-file) under C:\PTC
    Startscript example:

    :: *******************
    :: *  Script to set cach path etc for SolidWorks
    :: *******************
    :: @echo off
    TITLE SolidWorks 2017
    COLOR 79
    set language=ENU

    if not exist C:\PTC\ mkdir C:\PTC\
    if not exist C:\PTC\pdm_cache_WWGM_SOLIDWORKS_%USERNAME% mkdir C:\PTC\pdm_cache_WWGM_SOLIDWORKS_%USERNAME%
    if not exist C:\PTC\pdm_cache_WWGM_SOLIDWORKS_%USERNAME%\cache mkdir C:\PTC\pdm_cache_WWGM_SOLIDWORKS_%USERNAME%\cache
    if exist C:\PTC set work_dir=C:\PTC
    set PTC_WF_ROOT=%work_dir%\pdm_cache_WWGM_SOLIDWORKS_%USERNAME%\cache\.wf
    set PTC_WLD_ROOT=%work_dir%\pdm_cache_WWGM_SOLIDWORKS_%USERNAME%\.wwgm
    set PTC_WGM_ROOT=%work_dir%\pdm_cache_WWGM_SOLIDWORKS_%USERNAME%\.root
    set PTC_VFS_ROOT=%work_dir%\pdm_cache_WWGM_SOLIDWORKS_%USERNAME%\.vfs
    set PTC_WFS_ROOT=%work_dir%\pdm_cache_WWGM_SOLIDWORKS_%USERNAME%\.wfs
    set PTC_WF_CACHE=%work_dir%\pdm_cache_WWGM_SOLIDWORKS_%USERNAME%\.cache\
    cd "C:\WINDOWS\system32"
    wscript.exe //e:jscript "C:\PTC\WGM11.1\wgm\bin\uwgm_client.js"

  4. Create a shortcut to the startscript and place it on the desktop

  5. Start WGM and register the PDMLink-server

  6. Change the PTC Places folder to C:\PTC\pdm_cache_WWGM_SOLIDWORKS_%USERNAME%

  7. Restart WGM, then open a file from WGM to start Solidworks

​​More info: 
Article - CS36129
Article - CS180499