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  • Published20/11-2019

  • ReferencePTC article CS32479


  • Where is Creo View Settings stored?

  • How to share Creo View settings?

      • Creo View Settings are stored in the following locations:

        1) The server_prefs.xml downloaded from a Creo View Configurations from the Windchill server context hierarchy

        2) The admin_prefs.xml read from the <CreoView>\preferences\ProductView directory within the installation

        3) The user_prefs.xml read from the user's profile: %APPDATA%/ptc/ProductView/user_prefs.xml

      • To distribute Creo View settings use Windchill PDMLink to distribute preferences for Creo View Client:

      1. Set up your settings, press OK and exit Creo View:

      2. Go to: %APPDATA%/ptc/ProductView, copy the user_prefs.xml file

      3. Rename the user_prefs.xml file to server_prefs.xml 

      4. Log on to Windchill PDMLink as administrator --> Site --> Utilities --> Visualization Configuration Administration

      5. Create a new Creo View Configuration:

      6. Upload the server_prefs.xml:

      7. Press Add File

        Video demo over how to proceed with this steps (step 1-7):


      Further info is found here: CS32479

      • Published19/11-2019


      • How to get started with Creo Parametric?

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      • How to get started with my new PTC licenses?

          Get started with your PTC Product by following the steps below:

          1. Create a PTC-account to be able to access:
              - PTC License Management
              - PTC Software Download

            Note! You need your PTC Customer Number and Sales order number (SON) or Service Contract Number (SCN) to create an account linked to your company. This information can be found in your confirmation letter

          2. Download your PTC software from the following link: Software Downloads

          3. Find the MAC-address for the server/client computer on which the PTC license should be installed

          4. Retrieve the PTC License, see pages 5-9 for creating a new license file

          5. Install the PTC License Server

            Note! If multiple users are to utilize the same license server, make sure to install it on a joint server or on a client computer that is always in the same network as the other users 

          6. Install your PTC Product. Click one of the links below to access the installation guide for your product:

          • Published19/11-2019


          • Most drawings/parts/assemblies fails with:

          Drawing Processing Returned: $ERROR$ Failure to retrieve <Drawing model> name <model name> (err = -1)