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  • ​​Unable to do pre-release Arbortext document in Simonsoft CMS:

  • Error message when pre-release an Arbortext object:

    HTTP Status 500 - net.sf.saxon.s9api.SaxonApiException: 
    Exception thrown by URIResolver type Exception report message net.sf.saxon.s9api.SaxonApiException: 
    Exception thrown by URIResolver description The server encountered an internal error that prevented it from fulfilling this request. exception java.lang.RuntimeException: net.sf.saxon.s9api.SaxonApiException: Exception thrown by URIResolver

  • ​Broken links in the Arbortext document

  1. ​​Open the document in Arbortext Editor

  2. Fix any broken links in the Arbortext document, such as the following example:

  3. Check in the document again and pre-release the document again in Simonsoft CMS

Cannot update resticted value file in Creo Parametric with message:
"No conflicts were found between internal defenition and External File"

To do go through the following steps:

1. Click Tools >  Parameters. The Parameters dialog box opens.
2. Click Tools > Conflict Report. The report identifies the difference between the definition of the restricted parameters in the model and the restriction definition file.
3. If a conflict is reported, click Tools > Update Restriction Definition.

So the new values are not read in and can be picked in the drop-down lists...

When openeing Creo Parametric the Warning comes up:

  • Opening a model fails with "The External File for Restricted Parameters was not loaded because of wrong format"
  • Dupicate values in restricted-value file

  • Remove duplicated symbols from customer external file

Example file, check that the values in ENUM field is not duplicated, e.g. note yellow marked is a duplicate:

{ Name = GEN_TOL

Type = string

Default = 'ISO 2768-mK'

Enum = { 'ISO 2768-mK','ISO 2768-1 m', '-', 'ISO 2768-v', 'ISO 2768-1 f', 'ISO 2768-1 c', 'DIN 16901', 'DIN 16901-110', 'DIN 16901-120', 'DIN 16901-130', 'DIN 16901-140', 'DIN 16901-150', 'DIN 16901-160', 'DIAB Fine', 'DIAB Average', 'DIAB Course', 'DIAB Very Course', 'DIN 16901-120 '}


Remove the duplicate value and save the external restriction value file

{ Name = GEN_TOL

Type = string

Default = 'ISO 2768-mK'

Enum = { 'ISO 2768-mK','ISO 2768-1 m', '-', 'ISO 2768-v', 'ISO 2768-1 f', 'ISO 2768-1 c', 'DIN 16901', 'DIN 16901-110', 'DIN 16901-120', 'DIN 16901-130', 'DIN 16901-140', 'DIN 16901-150', 'DIN 16901-160', 'DIAB Fine', 'DIAB Average', 'DIAB Course', 'DIAB Very Course' }


Published: 2020-06-11
Last modified: 2020-10-28


  • Warning regarding the Google Chrome browser update 83.0.4103.97

  • It has been noted for several clients that the latest chrome update causes some issues in the user interface of windchill

  • Some “wizards” start loading but never finishes, showing the loading symbol

  • The situations we have encountered so far are 

    Create/edit task


    Add attribute to type

    Edit Enumerated List constraint

  • EG in Change Notice

  • A workaround is to use another browser for these problematic cases. Internet Explorer for example.

  • Published: 2020-11-03

  • ​​Unable to remove user from the PTC PDMLink Module group in Windchill PDMLink 11.X

  • The user is even thou part of member License Exlusion group still a member of PTC PDMLink Module group 

  • Same user (e.g. publisher) picks up several license entries (usage count), e.g:

  • ​​License calculation are not not in sync

  1. Execute in Windchill shell:

    xconfmanager -s "" -t codebase/ -p

  2. Restart Windchill, clear Tomcat and Compiled-tasks caches

  3. Run WINDU --> 

    Determines number of entries in Membershiplink and ScheduleQueueEntry table for License Group

    Property is set to true
    Execute LicenseGroupMembershiplinkRT 
     To delete 86 records from MembershipLink table 
     And 1 records from ScheduleQueueEntry.
  4. Run WINRU --> 
    Membershiplink and ScheduleQueueEntry entries deletion for License Group Result: ================== Summary For ScheduleQueueEntry And Membershiplink Tables ================== Total number records deleted from ScheduleQueueEntry table <for targetMethod createLicenseGroupMembershipLinks> are:: 1 Total number records deleted from MembershipLink table for IdA3A5[Role-A] are:: 86 ================== End of Summary ScheduleQueueEntry And Membershiplink Tables ==============
  5. Clear Participant cache:
    Site -> Utilities -> Participant Administration -> Actions -> Purge Participant Cache

    Result: The group PTC PDMLink Module License have been removed:

  • ​Cannot access following page, without warning:

    Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 11.02.14.png

  • The problem with the current Chromium browser (version 64) does not support this type of cookie and thus the cookie message appears.

  • At this time it does not look like Cadenas will be changing the cookies on their site.

​​The next versions of Creo Parametric will include an updated Chromium browser version that will support the page.

  • 4.0 M130




In the meantime, the page will remain inaccessible from the embedded Chromium browser.
The page can still be accessed using the embedded IE browser or using any external browser.

  • Set
    windows_browser_type ie_browser

  • Published: 2020-11-03

  • ​​How to set out center-line for a pipe feature, created as a sweep-protusion?

  • No feature exist in Creo to directly create a center-line directly for a sweep-protusion

1. Use the 3D sweep curve from sweep and create a 2D sketch in the drawing with Sketch > Use Edge
2. Select the edge line and with right mouse button (RMB) click, choose "Line style" and change it to centreline


  1.  Go to Sketch --> Offset edge --> EntChain

  2. Mark the complete line-segment, set offset value to 0:

  3. Select the new line and, RMBselect --> line style:

  4. Use the Line font: CTRLFONT_MID_L