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Published: 2020-03-25

  • Creo Parametric fails to install (setup.exe):
    "this application has been blocked due to security settings"

  • Disable LUA in Registry Editor.

  • Location of the Registry entry is:


  • Double klick on EnableLUA. Change Value Data from 1 to 0. Restart the system.

Published: 2020-03-25

How to install the following components in Silent Mode using xml file
  • Quality Agent (up to Creo 2.0 M140)
  • Diagnostic Tools (since to Creo 2.0 M150)

  • ​​How to delete reindex all Solr-data or Reindex all data?

​​Reference: Article - CS36257

  1. Stop all the Windchill index queues (log on as wcadmin)
    1. From Site > Utilities > Queue Management
  2. Delete indexed objects from Solr Server
    1. Execute the following at Windchill server using a web browser (11.0 M030):
      • Or execute from Solr Admin UI like below:
        http://<Solr_host>:<Solr port>/solr
User-added image
User-added image
  1. Start all the Windchill index queues
  2. Re-index data
    1. Start Windchill’s Bulk Index Tool
      1. Run command from Windchill Shell: windchill wt.index.BulkIndexTool
        1. Reset all entries back to "objects remaining" status:
          • Select option 8: Delete indexed data 
        2. Start bulk indexing all entries:
          • Select option 1: Index all Windchill data
        3. Monitor status:
          1. Select option 7:
        4. If stuck:
          1. Select option 5: Reset processing objects 

Published: 2020-03-25

  • ​​DWG-files cannot be published in Windchill PDMLink

  • This requires a Autocad-custom worker (pds-worker)

  • Java path is changed / updated, so the start_acad.bat file is not finding the java.exe-file which it need:

  1. Check agent.ini for the search-path for the AUTOCAD-worker, e.g.

  2. ​​Update the start_acad.bat on <workerhostname> with search path to the new java.exe directory, e.g.:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_221\bin\java.exe" ..........

  3. Republish failed dwg-files..

When searching "all types" as different users gives the following issue:
​​"The date string, "<name>%", has an invalid format. An error was detected at position 9 in the input string." 

​Due to preference "All Applicable Object Types Search" have all objects filled in by default in Windchill 11.0

  1. Log on as wcadmin

  2. Go to Organization --> Utilities --> Preference Management

  3. Edit the preference: "All Applicable Object Types Search"

Change Value from:

Abstract Specification, Problem Report, Change Request, Change Notice, Part, Document, Waorkgroup Manager CAD Document, Workflow Process, Part Instance, Part Configuration, Report Template, Managed Baseline, Meeting, Library, Product, Archive, Promotion Request, Comment, Reference Attachment, Work Item, Variance, Report, Variant Specification, Note, Dynamic Document, Import Job, Package Types, Managed Collection, Configuration Context, Received Delivery, Choice, Group, Option, Option Set, Requirement

To the following value:
Dynamic Document, Note, Burst Configuration, Document, Configuration Context, Comment, Change Notice, Change Request, Part, Workgroup Manager CAD Document, Promotion Request, Problem Report, Part Configuration