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Published: 2020-12-15


  • ​​Unable to load appearance file from Creo Parametric 5.0 and later

  • Reference: CS145789

  • ​If the appearance.dmt file was saved in a earlier version of Creo they  might not be loaded as they should in to Creo under My Appearances

For Creo 5.0 - 7.0

  1. Change default-directory for appearance from: <Creo_Installation_Directory>\Common Files\graphic-library\appearances

  2. To change directory of this file, use option pro_colormap_path <appearance.dmt_directory>

​​If the appearance file is old and not loaded under My appearances then proceed with the following workaround:

  1. Set only pro_colormap_path och inte global_appearance_file
    EG: pro_colormap_path "C:\PTC\creolib\colors"

  2. Rename the current .dmt file to: appearance.dmt

  3. Remove the default-files from, <Creo_Installation_Directory>\Common Files\graphic-library\appearances

Published: 2020-12-15
Modified: 2021-01-15


  • Windchill PDMLink is not able to start with error message in browser: Service Unavailable

  • On Windchill PDMLink server a restart of the server or the Windchill-services does not start Windchill PDMLink

  • ptc windchill pdmlink-stdout log:

    2020-12-10 10:33:51 Commons Daemon procrun stdout initialized
    ServiceManager Loaded
    2020-12-10 10:33:51,828 INFO  [main] wt.manager.ServerLauncher - Starting ServerManager
    2020-12-10 10:33:55,551 FATAL [main] wt.manager.ServerLauncher - Service stop not requested, but server manager exited
  • ServerManager log:
    2020-12-10 10:43:47,577 ERROR [main] com.ptc.windchill.keystore.WTKeyStore - Error getting the value from the KeyStore file Could not load keystore file.
  • ​Bug in Windchill 11.0 F000-M020

  • DB user account has been locked

  • ​​​Update Windchill 11.0 to later CPS or upgrade to newer release   

  • Reference: CS110492

Workaround to temporary fix the issue:

  1. Shut down all Windchill services

  2. Empty logs and caches

  3. Make sure no java (Windchill) is running

Recreate Keystore file

  1. Get passwords for ldap (Windchill DS) and for db-user (in this case pdmlink). Look in app, on server, or ask customer.

  2. Check the file validProperties.list (WINDCHILL_HOME/bin/adminTools/sip/). Make sure you have a hashtag on all rows but:

  • ie.ldap.managerPw

  • wt.pom.dbPassword

  • mapcredentials.admin.adapters

Open a Windchill Shell and run the command:

ant -f WT_HOME/bin/adminTools/sip/EncryptPasswords.xml recreateKeyStore

When prompted, enter passwords for:

  • ldap

  • db user

  • WidnchillLdap

  • enterpriseldap

Unlock the db user account

  1. Run the SQLServer Management Studios and login as SA account

  2. Expand nodes Security > Logins > RMB the db (in this case pdmlink) > select Properties

  3. In General: Enter Password and Confirm password fields with old password

  4. In General: uncheck Enforce password policy

  5. In Status: uncheck SQL server authentication: Login is locked out

  6. Click OK

  7. Go to Properties for user (eg. pdmlinkand in General: check Enforce password policy and uncheck Enforce password expiration

  8. Go to Status: check that login is locked out is still unchecked.

  9. Click OK

Start Windchill PDMLink services

  1. Start services as usual

  2. Check logs startup logs

  • ​​Cant access Simonsoft CMS trough a web browser, error message:

  • ​Simonsoft CMS certificate is not installed on machine

  • Simonsoft CMS certificate is no more valid (certificate expired)

  1. ​Check if certificate is installed
    Search for certmgr.msc

  2. Click on Peronal --> Certificates

  3. Locate customername-users.p12 file and check the Expire Date if expired please contact PDSVISION and a new certificate will be sent with a installation guide

  4. If certificate is not installed please contact PDSVISION and install the certificate

Published: 2020-11-04

  • ​​Large word-documents are not published using PDS Worker

  • Word document file size are too large or image formats are too large inside the word-document

  1. Check out the word-document and open it in word using Windchill DTI

  2. Compress the image sizes by following this article: Reduce the file size of a picture in Microsoft Office

  3. Check in the file again and check that its get published

Published: 2020-11-04

  • TIF-image types are not displayed correctly in Image Storage in Signifikant Manager


  • Result is missing image icon for accessories in the Signifikant web viewer:


  • ​TIF-files are not supported as image format

  • Best practice for many web-browser in HTML coding/support is to not use TIF as a format in general

  • ​Use following image formats that is recommended: 

For further info see the following articles:

Published: 2020-10-28


  • How to remove calculated links for a drawing from WT-part?:

  • Error message in Creo Parametric when checking in drawing A which has calculated link to drawing B:

    "Operation failed because the user did not have the necessary permission on the following objects to perform the operation: 
    Design Part - <NUMBER>, <NAME>, <REVISION>"

  • Error message in Windchill PDMLink when checking in drawing A which has calculated link to drawing B:

    "ATTENTION: Cannot checkin object to Shared folder. 
    Cannot check in Design Part - <NUMBER>, <NAME>, <REVISION> to a shared folder. 
    It has an active association to a source (Assembly - <NUMBER>.asm, <NUMBER>) which is not in a folder. 

    Cannot check in Design Part - <NUMBER>, <NAME>, <REVISION> to a shared folder. 
    It has an active association to a source (Drawing - <NUMBER>.drw, <NUMBER>) which is not in a shared folder
  • ​Calculated link was created to WT-part when the calculated drawing (B) had the other model  (A) on it. 

  • To remove the calculated link the link must be removed by removing the assembly (A) from drawing (B)

  1. ​​Create a new workspace

  2. Download drawing B (which have the calculated link on it) to the workspace

  3. Open the drawing B 

  4. Check active models on the drawing, in this case we should only have model A on it (in example: 418925.asm):

  5. Delete Model A (in example: 424625.asm):

  6. Make sure that only have model A on active on the drawing (in example: 418925.asm):

  7. Check in drawing + assembly and make sure that the WT-part is associated

  8. The calculated link is now removed. 

In this example the drawing had incorrect linking to its drawing, this should not be "Contributing Content" link, it should be "Content" as Association type.
The following steps is how to change link type:

  1. In the workspace make sure you have both WT-part, Assembly, Drawing (latest)

  2. Make sure to tick all checkboxes for the 3 objects, press Edit --> Edit Association from the workspace menu:

  3. Change the link-type to Content, press OK:

  4. Save and Check in assembly + drawing

  5. Result should now be correct for the object: