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  • Published2019-10-16


  • ​​Sometimes a warning popes up when doing large operations in Creo Parametric

  • Windows warning
    Close programs to prevent information loss.
    Your computer is low on memory. Save your files and close these programs: Creo 4.0 from PTC

  • ​This is a built in Windows OS feature

  • Its not application bound

Change Virtual Memory relocation
This can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Open System Properties.
  3. Under the Advanced tab > Performance, click Settings.
  4. Under the Advanced tab > Virtual memory, click Change.
  5. Check the Automatic manage paging file size for all drives box.
  6. Confirm changes and restart your PC.

    Check more solutions here.
  • Published: 2019-10-16


  • When searching "all types" as different users Windchill PDMLink gives the following Error message:
    ​​"The date string, "<name>%", has an invalid format. An error was detected at position 9 in the input string." 

  • ​Due to preference "All Applicable Object Types Search" have all objects filled in by default in Windchill 11.0

  1. Log on as wcadmin

  2. Go to Organization --> Utilities --> Preference Management

  3. Edit the preference: "All Applicable Object Types Search"

Change Value from:

Abstract Specification, Problem Report, Change Request, Change Notice, Part, Document, Waorkgroup Manager CAD Document, Workflow Process, Part Instance, Part Configuration, Report Template, Managed Baseline, Meeting, Library, Product, Archive, Promotion Request, Comment, Reference Attachment, Work Item, Variance, Report, Variant Specification, Note, Dynamic Document, Import Job, Package Types, Managed Collection, Configuration Context, Received Delivery, Choice, Group, Option, Option Set, Requirement

To the following value:
Dynamic Document, Note, Burst Configuration, Document, Configuration Context, Comment, Change Notice, Change Request, Part, Workgroup Manager CAD Document, Promotion Request, Problem Report, Part Configuration


  • How to get started with Keyshot?

  • Where do I find documentation of Keyshot?

  • Where to find training for Keyshot?

  • Where to find tutorials for Keyshot?

  • Whats new in Keyshot 8.0?

  • How to get started with Keyshot?

  1. Download Keyshot and if using Keyshot with a CAD software download it from Keyshot plugin page

  2. Install Keyshot and plugin by following the following guides:

    Install Guide - Keyshot 8 Nodelocked (Windows)
    Install Guide - Keyshot 8 Plugin For Creo Parametric
  3. If using Keyshot floating please see following page for further info:

  • Where to find training for Keyshot?

  • Contact your local PDSVISION office

  • Where to find tutorials for Keyshot?
    Tutorials can be found here

  • Whats new in Keyshot 8.0?


  • Published: 28/8-2019


  • How to change model units in Creo Parametric

  • How to change setting s for model units

  • The video describes how to change model units in Creo Parametric

  • For step-by-step instructions please see following PTC article: CS20381 


  • How to iterate or check out a non-latest or older version or revision or iteration of CAD Document in Windchill PDMLink?

  • How to create a new iteration of an object from an old iteration of the object (not using the current, latest iteration)?

  • How to revise a non-latest version or version of CAD data in Windchill?

  • Attempting to revise a non-latest revision fails as there is a red strikethrough through the object or it is excluded.  How to enable revise of the object?

  • How to enable the option to Revise for a specification of the state In Work?

  • CAD file cannot be revised if Allow revise of non-latest revisions is set to No and non-latest iteration is checked out

  • The preference "Allow revise of non-latest revisions" is applicable for non latest revisions and not iterations.
    So if you wish to revise a non-latest revision, it will always pick-up the latest iteration of selected non-latest revision.

            • Two preferences are available to control the behavior of revising / iterating the non-latest objects:
            1. To allow checkout of non-latest iterations navigate to Site > Utilities > Preference Management > Create and Edit >Allow checkout of non-latest iterations set value of preference as  Allow checkout of non-latest iterations
            2. To allow revise of non-latest revision navigate to Site > Utilities > Preference Management Revise > set value Yes for the preference ​Allow revise of non-latest revisions
            • Also see CS189560
            • This video describes how to modify non-latest objects by Preference Management settings:
              Allow checkout of non-latest - yes
              Allow revise of non-latest revisions - yes


            • This video describes how to modify non-latest objects in Windchill PDMLink by using a workaround

              • Published: 28/8-2019


              • How to import CAD objects to Windchill PDMLink?

              • How to import modified objects when the same objects already exists in Windchill PDMLink?

              • After importing objects in to Windchill PDMLink all objects are marked as modified

              • The video describes how to import new and modified CAD-objects in to Windchill PDMLink.
              • The video also describes how to work with making sure not to mark imported objects that already exist in Windchill PDMLink as modified

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