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Published: 2021-07-06

  • No products are indexed in the Classification Explorer:

  • ​When checking status on indexed objet in BulkIndexTool:

  • ​​Issues with BulkIndex jobs that was all failing.

  • Restart of the service: PTC_SolrServer

  • In this case the newly installed SolrServer did not work, I needed to start the old SolrServer service instead:

  • Then I could resubmit the failed jobs: option 4 in the BulkIndex Tool menu
    Its now indexing jobs ok:

  • Its now working to show the classification parts: (Search --> Classification Explorer):

Published: 2020-12-15


  • ​​Unable to load appearance file from Creo Parametric 5.0 and later

  • Reference: CS145789

  • ​If the appearance.dmt file was saved in a earlier version of Creo they  might not be loaded as they should in to Creo under My Appearances

For Creo 5.0 - 7.0

  1. Change default-directory for appearance from: <Creo_Installation_Directory>\Common Files\graphic-library\appearances

  2. To change directory of this file, use option pro_colormap_path <appearance.dmt_directory>

​​If the appearance file is old and not loaded under My appearances then proceed with the following workaround:

  1. Set only pro_colormap_path och inte global_appearance_file
    EG: pro_colormap_path "C:\PTC\creolib\colors"

  2. Rename the current .dmt file to: appearance.dmt

  3. Remove the default-files from, <Creo_Installation_Directory>\Common Files\graphic-library\appearances

Published: 2020-12-15
Modified: 2021-01-15


  • Windchill PDMLink is not able to start with error message in browser: Service Unavailable

  • On Windchill PDMLink server a restart of the server or the Windchill-services does not start Windchill PDMLink

  • ptc windchill pdmlink-stdout log:

    2020-12-10 10:33:51 Commons Daemon procrun stdout initialized
    ServiceManager Loaded
    2020-12-10 10:33:51,828 INFO  [main] wt.manager.ServerLauncher - Starting ServerManager
    2020-12-10 10:33:55,551 FATAL [main] wt.manager.ServerLauncher - Service stop not requested, but server manager exited
  • ServerManager log:
    2020-12-10 10:43:47,577 ERROR [main] com.ptc.windchill.keystore.WTKeyStore - Error getting the value from the KeyStore file Could not load keystore file.
  • ​Bug in Windchill 11.0 F000-M020

  • DB user account has been locked

  • ​​​Update Windchill 11.0 to later CPS or upgrade to newer release   

  • Reference: CS110492

Workaround to temporary fix the issue:

  1. Shut down all Windchill services

  2. Empty logs and caches

  3. Make sure no java (Windchill) is running

Recreate Keystore file

  1. Get passwords for ldap (Windchill DS) and for db-user (in this case pdmlink). Look in app, on server, or ask customer.

  2. Check the file validProperties.list (WINDCHILL_HOME/bin/adminTools/sip/). Make sure you have a hashtag on all rows but:

  • ie.ldap.managerPw

  • wt.pom.dbPassword

  • mapcredentials.admin.adapters

Open a Windchill Shell and run the command:

ant -f WT_HOME/bin/adminTools/sip/EncryptPasswords.xml recreateKeyStore

When prompted, enter passwords for:

  • ldap

  • db user

  • WidnchillLdap

  • enterpriseldap

Unlock the db user account

  1. Run the SQLServer Management Studios and login as SA account

  2. Expand nodes Security > Logins > RMB the db (in this case pdmlink) > select Properties

  3. In General: Enter Password and Confirm password fields with old password

  4. In General: uncheck Enforce password policy

  5. In Status: uncheck SQL server authentication: Login is locked out

  6. Click OK

  7. Go to Properties for user (eg. pdmlinkand in General: check Enforce password policy and uncheck Enforce password expiration

  8. Go to Status: check that login is locked out is still unchecked.

  9. Click OK

Start Windchill PDMLink services

  1. Start services as usual

  2. Check logs startup logs

  • ​​Cache file(s) takes several GB in size on my computer.

  • Disk space low on PC, which files are OK to delete?

​Arbortext Editor and SimonsoftCMS cache gets large over time if you dont remove the cache folders.

  • ​​Arbortext Editor cache:

You can delete the .aptcache folder located here:


  • SvnAdapter cache:

  1. You can delete the "" folder located here:

  2. You can delete the "" folder located here:

    NOTE! Next time you make a login to the SimonsoftCMS, it could take some time due to cleared cache. 

  3. You can delete everything within the log folder:

    NOTE! Please check so you dont have LogLevel set to All in Tools --> Preferences --> SimonsoftCMS 

​​Created an excel keyref file, but can not see the translations on the documents, why?

  • ​Excel keyref file does not have abx:lang set (eg. abx:lang="en-GB")

  • The excel file does not have correct language mapping as tabs according to your CMS.

  • Open for publish was not performed

  • No translations has been created

  • Set abx:lang property on the keyref excel file as your master langauge, eg.

  • Prepare excel keyref file for translation (choose the languages you have in the excel file)

  • Needs to have a reference (keyrefhef) to a Release and not an author document.

  • Make sure that your excel file has correct language code mapped to the CMS

  • Dont forget to perform a "Open for Publish" on the translation document

  • Unable to open a specific document in Arbortext Editor

  • Arbortext Editor crashes every time the document is opened.

  • Other Arbortext Editor users can open the document

  • Probably corruption in document

  • Open another document that can be opened first

  • Then open the issue-document, make sure that the marker is not in a table inside Arbortext Editor

  • After the marker is moved from the table, check in the document