Common Issue - WTPart Linked to Wrong Revision of CAD-Object

Sometimes an error occurs in the linking of a WTPart to a CAD-object, often due to a manual error. This guide present what to to when WTParts and CAD-objects have been revised separately. The link between the WTPart and the CAD-object is then incorrect.
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Best Practice - Reconfigure PTC Creo Parametric startup commands
This guide shows an instruction for how to reconfigure your Creo Parametric startup commands. You may have to do this after a new license is installed.
Also, you need to do this if either you have moved the license server software to another machine or you have added a new type of license/package.
Installation guide Creo Simulate 6.0
This page is a help and a guide for when you are installing Creo Simulate 6.0. Keep in mind:

- You will need a PTC account to download software. If you wish to create an account, look at the guide Create PTC Account found under License and Administration.
- Have the latest software downloaded. Download it on the PTC website after logging in with your PTC account.
Best Practice - Custom Annotation in Creo Illustrate
This is a short guide that shows how to make your own Annotations in Creo Illustrate.
Creo Simulate - Distributed Batch
To run large analyses in Creo Simulate can sometimes require extra hardware resources and take time, where the user can’t use the computer. A solution is to use Creo Distributed batch or Distributed Service Manager to schedule the analysis to run outside of office hours or/and on other computers. This document contains information on what is needed to use DBatch for Creo Simulate and how it works. Click the link to access the guide.
Installation Guide Creo Illustrate
Installation guide for Creo Illustrate
Installation Guide - Creo View
This is an installation guide that shows step-by-step how to install Creo View.
Best Practice - Custom Page in Creo Illustrate
This guide describes how to set up custom page sizes in Creo Illustrate
PTC MathCAD Prime 5 Swedish Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts for Mathcad Prime 4 are listed in the attached document.
Best Practice - How to Create a Flattened Quilt from a Surface
This guide describes how to create a flattened surface of a curved surface. Furthermore the guide will present how to create solid geometry that follows the shape of the original curved surface.
Mechanism Design Connection overview
This document gives an overview of the different type of connections that are available in Mechanism design.
Common Issue - Relative Accuracy vs Absolute Accuracy
The model can use two kind of accuracy:

- Relative Accuracy (default)
- Absolute Accuracy

This guide is to clarify the difference between the models accuracy settings.
Best Practice - Import Excel-file into a Drawing
This guide presents a step-by-step instruction on how to import a Excel-file into a Creo Parametric drawing.
There are some best practices to have in mind. The best way is to export your file to a comma separated CSV-file from Excel, and then modify it before you insert the table in the drawing.

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