Configuration Guide - Creo Configuration Settings and Descriptions

This document contains the settings that are recommended by PDS Vision. Every recommended setting has a description and stated value. For some of the settings we recommend the default value and these are marked with a green color.
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Best Practice - Extrude Text Cutout on Curved Surface
This guide describes how to create a text cutout on a curved surface. To achieve a cut that is normal to the curved surface at all points can be tricky in Creo, since a cut extrude can only be done using a planar datum plane.
This is a step-by-step guide on how to do it by using different features in Creo.
Best Practice - Settings for using alternative mass property (PRO_MP_ALT_MASS)

Imported components can consist of several different materials in the same model. To be able to control the mass of imported components one must sometimes set the weight manually in a way that Creo understands and can use while performing the weight calculations.
Best Practice - Create your own mapkeys

To create your own mapkeys saves you a lot of time for tasks that is done repeatedly or that is just many clicks to complete a task and is making Creo Parametric faster to use.
Best Practice - Configure printing configuration file
This guide describes how to create a printing configuration file (table.pnt). This file is useful if you want to tune your printing with different colors and modify the size of the lines on your drawing.
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Installation information - Creo 4 from PTC
This guide describes how to generate and configure licenses, and how to install and maintain the Creo applications—Creo
Parametric, Creo Direct, Creo Layout, Creo Simulate, and Creo Options Modeler—using PTC Installation Assistant.
Best Practice - Import Excel-file into a Drawing
This guide presents a step-by-step instruction on how to import a Excel-file into a Creo Parametric drawing.
There are some best practices to have in mind. The best way is to export your file to a comma separated CSV-file from Excel, and then modify it before you insert the table in the drawing.
Mechanism Design Connection overview
This document gives an overview of the different type of connections that are available in Mechanism design.
Best Practice - How to Create a Flattened Quilt from a Surface
This guide describes how to create a flattened surface of a curved surface. Furthermore the guide will present how to create solid geometry that follows the shape of the original curved surface.

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