Installation guide - Mathcad 15.0

This page is a help and a guide for when you are installing Mathcad 15.0. Keep in mind:

- You will need a PTC account to download software. If you wish to create an account, look at the guide Create PTC Account found under License and Administration.
- Have the latest software downloaded. Download it on the PTC website after logging in with your PTC account.
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Installation guide - Mathcad Prime 5.0
This guide is a step-by-step instruction for how to install Mathcad Prime 5.0.
How to acquire a workstations MAC-address / HOST-id & HOST-name
This guide will assist you in finding the correct host id and hostname for a workstation.
The host id and hostname are important details that are required when licenses are ordered and/or generated.
Best Practice - Convert Mathcad Files
Mathcad 15 and the Mathcad Prime editions do not share file type and files need to be converted from Mathcad 15 format in order to be able to be opened in Mathcad Prime.

- Mathcad license must be available
- Both Mathcad 15 and Mathcad Prime must be installed on the computer on which the conversion is performed

- Each successful conversion creates a new worksheet with extension *.mcdx in the same folder as the source file. The source file is not modified.
- An *.mcdx file cannot be converted back to a *.xmcd file.
- Users who have purchased Mathcad Prime are automatically entitled to get Mathcad 15. The same license can be used to configure Mathcad 15.

This guide describes the steps when converting a Mathcad 15 file (*.xmcd) to Mathcad Prime format (*.mcdx). Errors that can occur are presented in the end of this guide.

Note that if you are using flexnet 11.14 only one license is needed for the interactive conversion mode.
PTC MathCAD Prime 5 Swedish Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts for Mathcad Prime 4 are listed in the attached document.

Used to publish slides in partner network privately.