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Best Practice - Extrude Text Cutout on Curved Surface
This guide describes how to create a text cutout on a curved surface. To achieve a cut that is normal to the curved surface at all points can be tricky in Creo, since a cut extrude can only be done using a planar datum plane.
This is a step-by-step guide on how to do it by using different features in Creo.
Best Practice - Create your own mapkeys

To create your own mapkeys saves you a lot of time for tasks that is done repeatedly or that is just many clicks to complete a task and is making Creo Parametric faster to use.
Best Practice - Configure printing configuration file
This guide describes how to create a printing configuration file (table.pnt). This file is useful if you want to tune your printing with different colors and modify the size of the lines on your drawing.
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Configuration Guide - Setup Customized Hole Table for Creo Parametric
When you create a standard hole in Creo Parametric there are a few default tables. It is easy to add a customized table to suit your needs and there are two ways of adding a hole table.

This guide describes how to customize your own hole-tables in Creo Parametric.
Installation guide Creo Simulate 6.0
This page is a help and a guide for when you are installing Creo Simulate 6.0. Keep in mind:

- You will need a PTC account to download software. If you wish to create an account, look at the guide Create PTC Account found under License and Administration.
- Have the latest software downloaded. Download it on the PTC website after logging in with your PTC account.
Best Practice - Custom Annotation in Creo Illustrate
This is a short guide that shows how to make your own Annotations in Creo Illustrate.
Installation Guide Creo Illustrate
Installation guide for Creo Illustrate

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