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When using Windchill PDMLink together with CAD-applications such as SolidWorks, Inventor, CATIA, etc., a Workgroup Manager (WGM) is used to enable the connection. A local cache where all Workspace files are saved, is created when working with a CAD-application connected to Windchill.

The cache folder can sometimes get corrupted, specially if the Workspaces contain large amounts of files or if there is a large amount of Workspace in use. Therefore it is recommended to clear the local cache folder every now and again to avoid any potential problems.

This guide describes how.

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1. Best Practice Clear Local Windchill PDMLink Cache for Windchill Workgroup Manager Aug 2019

6. Step 2. Delete or Backup the Cache Option 1. Backup local cache Rename the .cache2008 folder to e.g. Backup_cache2008

4. Step 1. Locate Cache Path Open Server management via Tools > Server Management Go to the Cache tab, copy the displayed path, and close the WGM

8. Step 3. Register Server Start the WGM and register the server to start a new cache-folder: 1.   Login with your Windchill account 2.   Choose your Workspace 3.   Start work

2. Background It is necessary to clear the local PDMLink cache regularly because of the following reasons:   The cache size has grown big, approximately over 4-5 GB, which a ff ects the Workspace performance   The Workgroup Manager (WGM) fails to launch the CAD-application   Error messages appear:

5. Step 2. Delete or Backup the Cache You have three options: •   Backup the local cache (save a backup of your cache to be “on the safe side”) •   Delete the local cache •   Delete the entire cache (server information and browser settings will be required again) All options are presented on the following slides The WGM will automatically create a new cache folder during next start-up

3. Prerequisite Check your Workspace(s) and make sure to upload the following: •   New Objects •   Modi fi ed Objects Note: Do not clear the local cache if you are unable to upload new/modi fi ed objects due to errors etc

7. Step 2. Delete or Backup the Cache Option 2. Delete local cache Delete the .cache2008 folder (with shift+del ) Options 3. Delete entire cache (server info etc.) Delete the following folders/ fi les:   .cache2008   .Settings   . ssappd   . ssrd   .lock   .wfwsi2008


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