Best Practice - Create your own Drawing Symbol

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This guide describes how to create a drawing symbol and save it for later reuse.

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1. Best Practice Create your own Drawing Symbol

4. 5. Go to Sketcher Preferences

5. 6. Choose the settings you would like to have such as locking horizontally and vertically

7. 9. Click on the pointer in the menu 10. Choose the top vertex point

9. 13. Click Mirror 14. Click one of the lines

10. 15. Click OK 16. Click the symmetry line

11. 17. Click the line icon again and for the reference lines click two lines and then start completing the drawing

12. 18. Until it looks like this 19. Click on Attributes

3. 3. The click Define 4. Enter a name for the new symbol

13. 20. Make some settings and choose the bottom line as the On Entity reference 21. Click Done

14. 22. Click Done 23. Click Symbol Dir 24. Choose which folder it should be saved to

15. 25. Click Write 26. Leave the text box entry for entering directory 27. Your symbol is now saved and can be used in a drawing

17. 32. Place the symbol, click the middle mouse button for placing the symbol and make height changes If necessary 33. Click OK and drag the symbol to new positions if necessary

6. 7. Draw a few lines 8. Click on Construction Line - > Single

16. 28. Click Done 29. Open a new drawing or use the existing one 30. Click on Custom Symbol 31. Browse and load your symbol from the file system

8. 11. Go back and click on Construction Line - > Single again 12. Draw it downwards left click and then middle - mouse - button click.

2. Background When you cannot find a particular drawing symbol, you can create one and save it as a file for later reuse. How to: To create your own drawing symbol start Creo Parametric: 1. Open a drawing or create a new one 2. Then go to Annotate - > Symbol Gallery 3.


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