Best Practice - Exclude objects from BOM

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This guide describes how to exclude objects from BOM.
Solution 1 describes the use of representations
Solution 2 describes the use of repeat region filter

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1. Best Practice Exclude Objects from BOM Aug 2019

2. Alternative 1: Exclude object by using representation Step 1. Open the Assembly Notice that the assembly in this example contains five parts.

4. Step 3 . Create a Drawing Create a drawing using Master Rep and place your assembly on the drawing. Go to Layout > Drawing Models > Set/Add Rep and choose your edited view (in this case Edited_BOM ). Notice that the active model representation changes and click Done/Return to close the window.

3. Step 2 . Create a New View Go to Manage Views and create a new view (in this example Edited_BOM ) containing only the parts that you wish to include in your BOM - list. Switch back to Master Rep .

5. Step 4 . Create a BOM - table Create a BOM - table with your custom view activated and notice that the BOM only includes the parts included in the view. The assembly shown in the general view in the drawing is still a Master Rep . In this example we can see that the BOM only contains three parts.

6. Alternative 2: Exclude object by using filters in repeat region Step 1. Open the Drawing with the BOM - table in it 1. Go to Table → Click on Repeat Region → Click Filters on the menu 2. Select the repeat region to which you want to add a filter 3. Click FILTER TYPE > By Rule . 4. Click FILTER REG > Add . 5. Type the filter expression In this example the BOM - table should not have any part named part_a.prt in it: In the next example the BOM - table should not have any of the following displayed " part_a ," " part_b ," and " part_c ”: On the same manner the filter can be used to filter only object named by the filter: • In this example the filter is designed to only include wanted parts: • The repeat region excludes all objects other than those parts having the name "part_1," "part_2," or "part_3 ." & asm.mbr .name != part_a & != part_a,part_b,part_c & ==part_1,part_2,part_3 Note! The limitation for a line that defines a filter can contain up to 80 character More info and l ist of system parameters and model parameters used by Creo is found here : CS133915


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