Best Practice - How to Avoid Ghost Objects

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Ghost objects are files that are referenced by other files but do not have any content in Workspace. There are several cases where ghost objects can appear.

This guide presents how to avoid ghost objects and what to do if they appear.

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1. Best Practice How to Avoid Ghost Objects and How to Handle Them Aug 2019

5. Scenario 2 – Assembly Cannot be Checked In to Commonspace This can happen if the assembly is missing a part that is referenced. A ghost object has in that case been created Find out which part it is by using the reference viewer in Creo. It is accessed by right- clicking the main assembly:

4. Scenario 1 – G host Object in Imported Assembly in Commonspace Download the assembly from Commonspace and open it in Creo Parametric Follow the steps in Scenario 2 - Assembly cannot be checked in to commonspace

7. Scenario 3 – Ghost Objects Created from Drawings A common scenario is that a ghost object is created by an old reference in a drawing. This is a bit more tricky because the reference viewer cannot be used for drawings The cause of an unwanted reference in a drawing is commonly that a model and a related view has been added to the drawing, but then the view has been deleted. The added model has no views in the drawing, therefor not visible in the drawing, but the reference to the model is still there To remove old references in drawings – see next slide

6. In the Reference Viewer, select Show > Dependencies Right-click and choose break dependencies on the items that are connected with a red line. These are most likely to be the ones that are causing the problems. Try to delete the parts after their dependencies has been broken Workaround If the part cannot be deleted and cannot be found in Commonspace, create a new empty part, a so called dummy part , with the same name as the part that is missing but still is referenced. Create this part in the same workspace and upload it to Commonspace. Thereafter you can check in the assembly and the ghost object should disappear.

3. Avoid Ghost Objects – Import of New Files to Workspace Use the Import function in Workspace to import new fi les to Windchill Make sure that the Auto resolve incomplete objects is selected during Check In Continue to follow this guide if ghost objects still appear

8. Scenario 3 – Ghost Objects Created from Drawings Remove unused drawing models in the drawing: 1.   Set following con fi g in the active Creo session (The option is hidden, so you need to enter the entire option manually) cleanup_drawing_dependencies yes_cs_not_required 2.   Open the drawing in Creo and do a Save As > Save a Backup   to save a local copy to disk 3.   Close the drawing in the Creo session and empty the session memory (Erase not displayed) 4.   In the Windows folder explorer move the drawing to another folder and then open the drawing from disk in Creo 5.   You will be prompted about referenced fi les that will be unassociated , if the lists looks correct, select Remove 6.   Save the drawing and select OK to overwrite Workspace document with same name

2. What is a Ghost Object? Ghost objects are fi les that are referenced by other fi les but do not have any content in Work Space (the object takes the original object's place in WS). There are several cases where ghost objects can appear. One of them is for example when a part is referenced by an assembly although the part is missing. The part becomes a ghost object. This is common especially when CAD-objects are imported to Workspace from another CAD-system or neutral-formats.   Contents of this guide: How to avoid ghost objects: •   During import of new fi les to work space (see Slide 3 ) Scenarios – what to do : •   Ghost object in imported assembly in common space ( Slide 4 ) •   Assembly cannot be checked in to common space due to ghost object ( Slide 5 ) •   Ghost objects in drawings ( Slide 8 ) The icon for a ghost object in Workspace


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