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This guide describes how to improve the connection between your CAD-application and Windchill PDMLink.

Some of the content of this guide:
- Exceptions that can be set in the firewall and anti-virus program
- Information on ports used for Windchill communication
- Information on ports used for worker communication
- Recommended config settings
- Recommended WGM settings

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1. Best Practice Improve PDMLink Connection

5. Recommended Con fi g Settings The following con fi -settings will optimize the system: General Recommendations dm_cache_size 0 dm_cache_limit 0 dm_synchronize_in_background yes dm_upload_objects automatic dm_network_request_size 1000000 dm_network_threads 4 Recommendations for LAN Clients dm_http_compression_level 0 Recommendations for WAN Clients dm_http_compression_level 3 Note: Values over 3 typically do not provide signi fi cant reductions in compression of requests and responses to/from the server and should NOT be used if using a WAN accelerator.

7. Windows Registry Add Windows Registry entries per the following: •   CS46526 (IE Jscript Registry settings) •   CS165662 (IE maximal connections per server) •   TPI 120097 (IE automatic caching) •   TPI 130437 (IE SocketSendBu ff erLength) •   CS18218 (IE TCP settings) A Windows Registry fi le that contains all the mentioned registry settings is available for download . Rename to cs140968_performance.reg and double-click to add the entries to the Windows Registry.

2. This document contains valuable settings for improving the connection to PDMLink. Firstly, there are some exceptions that can be set in the fi rewall and the anti-virus program on each client computer. It is recommended that the IT department sets the following exceptions: • C:\PTC • % AppData %\PTC • All PTC and cache folders that are used by the clients. Search for . wf and .cache to fi nd their locations. Continue to read this document to see which port are used for Windchill communication, the WVS, the Worker Agent, and the CAD Worker. There is also some information about the recommended con fi g and Windchill Workgroup Manager settings and which Windows Registries to add. Settings for Improved PDMLink Connection

6. Recommended WGM Settings The following Windchill Workgroup Manager-settings will optimize the system: General Recommendations <WGM>\wgmclient.ini cache.size=0 <WGM>\ wgmclient.ini (for 10.1 F000+) Note: This value can be set or increased if testing shows that network has per thread download bandwidth limits. Also see CS165662 (IE max connections per server) for additional Windows Registry settings necessary. Recommendations for LAN Clients <WGM>\ wgmclient.ini http.compression.level =3 (for 9.1 M020+) Recommendations for WAN Clients <WGM>\ wgmclient.ini (for 10.1 F000+) Note: This value can be set or increased if testing shows that network has per thread download bandwidth limits. Also see CS165662 (IE max connections per server) for additional Windows Registry settings necessary.

8. Con fi rmation Con fi rm that the client has been con fi gured correctly by downloading, running and analyzing Windchill Client Inspector output. Note that this is an optional step. • Download the Windchill Client Inspector via Software Updates > Windchill PDMLink > Windchill Client Inspector • Ex tract and run the client inspector (<WCI>\WCClientInspector.bat) • Generate a WCI report (<WCI>\ResultExtractor\run.bat, <WCI>\results) • Review WCI reports (<WCI>\wci_outputs.xls) • Refer to documentation for additional detail.

4. TCP/IP Info – WVS, Worker Agent and CAD Worker • 5600   -   WVS   Worker Agent (formerly CAD Agent) • 601 - Creo   View Adapters default Worker Daemon ( WorkerDaemon.exe ) port for starting a remote Windows worker • 137-139, 445 - Windows Common File-system (mapped drives or UNC paths) • 23 - Telnet Port for starting workers on UNIX platforms • 20-21 - FTP for CAD Worker Common File-system " Su ffi cient for Passive mode FTP only " Active mode FTP uses random allocated port number   over 1023 for the data connection " Refer to article   CS105810 • 7788 - FlexNet license manager port " By default the FlexNet license management daemon (lmgrd) will select a random port at start-up for all communication with the vendor daemon ( ptc_d ) " Refer to article   CS28776 for details of how to con fi gure a fi xed port • 5620-5660 - Windchill / ProductView 9.0 Standard (or earlier)   Collaboration Server

3. TCP/IP Info – Ports Used for Windchill Communication • 80   - http, replication • 443 -   https (if con fi gured), replication • 445 -   Desktop Integration • 389   -   LDAP server • 636 - LDAP with SSL (if con fi gured) • 1433 - SQL Server database • 1521 - JDBC Oracle communication • 3000 - Background MethodServer • 4000 -   InfoEngine Adapter • 5000 - ServerManager • 5001-5009 - MethodServer min and max ports, RMI • 6000 - SCMI ClearCase • 7222   - Windchill Enterprise Systems Integration JMS port • 8006 - Servlet shutdown port • 8010 - Servlet listener port (Windchill 9.1) • 8010-8018 Servlet listener ports (Windchill 10.0+) • 8080 - Windchill Index Search • 9300 - Cognos core • 10002   - Info*Engine task processor • 10011   - Windchill PartsLink RMI • 13000-16999 - Windchill Index Search requires a range of 4000 • 18001-18002 - InfoEngine task dispatcher


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