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You can access your Windchill server and Workspace directly from Creo Parametric. All you need to do is register your server in Creo.

This guide describes how you register your Windchill PDMLink server in Creo Parametric. Have the URL for your Windchill server at hand.

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1. Best Practice Register New Windchill Server in Creo Parametric Aug 2019

2. This guide describes how you register your Windchill PDMLink server in Creo Parametric Step 1. Start Creo Parametric and go to File > Manage Session > Server Management and notice there is no server registered

6. And there you go. You can access the chosen workspace from the window to the left of the Creo browser. To manage the Windchill server, just go to: File > Manage Session > Server Management

5. If you are o ffl ine , right-click the Windchill server and clear the Work O ffl ine box. You can choose whether you want to synchronize , download , upload or none of them when you go online again

3. Step 2. Choose Server > Register New Server and fi ll out the name and the URL for your Windchill server. Click OK You will get a list of the available Workspaces on Windchill. Choose the one you want to work with and click OK

4. Step 3. Make sure your Windchill server connection is online: The red arrow indicates that you are currently working with no server . Double- click the Windchill server to switch The blue star on the Windchill icon indicates you are currently working towards the server. You are online You are working o ffl ine . You cannot check in or upload your work in o ffl ine mode See next slide for instructions on how to go online again


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