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This guide describes how to setup a SolidWorks worker and how to configure the worker to avoid common worker issues

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1. Con fi guration Guide SolidWorks Publishing Worker Aug 2019

2. This guide describes how to setup a SolidWorks and how to con fi gures the worker to avoid several worker issues Prerequisites •   Install SolidWorks on a separate Worker machine that have a OS that supports the Windchill Workgroup Manager (WGM) •   Use the same service account as the PDMLink services are set up with when logging on to the worker machine

5. Step 4. Make sure the worker does not stop for any error messages Due to the workers foreground setup, error messages can sometimes appear in SolidWorks if the model fails or runs out of memory: This can cause the process queue to hang even if the worker-job has failed See instructions on how the prevent these error messages on the next slide

6. Turn o ff the error dialog through the Group Policy Editor 1.   Open the Group Policy Editor by typing gpedit.msc into the Start search box or the Run dialog of Windows 2.   Navigate to Computer Con fi guration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Error Reporting 3.   Double-click Prevent display of the user interface for critical errors to the right

7. Step 5. Assembly performance settings for SolidWorks Set the following   SolidWorks   con fi guration options: Access   SolidWorks Tools > Options > Performance > Assemblies   Un-check ”Automatically load components lightweight”   Check ”Always resolve sub-assemblies” SolidWorks Tools > Options > Assemblies   Un-check ”Use Large Assembly Mode” Increase the out of the box GDI and User Process Handle Quota limits set in the Windows Registry. This quota should be doubled to prevent   SolidWorks   from prematurely exiting due to a lack of resources:   Open Windows register by typing regedit in the Windows search fi eld   Double the values for the following registries: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\ CurrentVersion \Windows\ GDIProcessHandleQuota HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\ CurrentVersion \Windows\ USERProcessHandleQuota

3. Step 1. Install the worker as File Sync Worker Install the SolidWorks worker to run as a File Sync Worker Article - CS48758 - How to con fi gure a CAD worker to enable File Synchronization in Windchill PDMLink Step 2. Increase the publishing times (if necessary) If you are publishing large SolidWorks assemblies and drawings, the following values needs to be increased on the Windchill Server: •   thumbnail. fi lelimit =800 •   thumbnail.cadagenttimeout =3600 •   publish.cadtimeout.assembly =3600 •   publish.cadtimeout.component =600 •   publish.cadtimeout.drawing =1200 Increase the values using the following line (modify the search paths): xconfmanager -s thumbnail. fi lelimit =3600 -s t humbnail.cadagenttimeout =7600 -s publish.cadtimeout.assembly =9000 -s publish.cadtimeout.component =3600 -s publish.cadtimeout.drawing =7200 -t codebase\WEB-INF\ conf \ – p

4. Step 3. Adjust the publish command for SolidWorks ( swworker.bat ) •   Remove the worker Helper for SolidWorks by removing – UH •   Add taskkill commands accoriding to the system setup •   Remove temporary fi les and folders ( rmdir and del – commands ) Example: @ echo o ff echo Launching sw2pv i:n worker mode TASKKILL /F /IM workermonitor.exe TASKKILL /F /IM workerhelper.exe TASKKILL /F /IM sw2pv.exe TASKKILL /F /FI "USERNAME eq username " /IM SLDWORKS.exe TASKKILL /F /FI "USERNAME eq username " /IM sldworks_fs.exe TASKKILL /F /FI "USERNAME eq username " /IM uwgm_client.exe rmdir /S /Q C:\ ptc \ workers \solid \. wf mkdir C:\ ptc \ workers \solid \. wf rmdir /S /Q C:\ ptc \ workers \solid \.ws mkdir C:\ ptc \ workers \solid \.ws cd C:\Users\% username %\ AppData \Local\Temp for /D %%f in ( swx *) do rmdir %%f /s /q del /Q /F C:\Users\% username %\ AppData \Local\Temp \sw2pvo.* C: cd " C:\ ptc \ workers \solid " set PTC_WGM_HOME= C:\Program Files \PTC\ wgm set PTC_WF_ROOT= C:\ ptc \ workers \solid \. wf set PTC_WLD_ROOT= C:\ ptc \ workers \solid \.ws set PTC_WGM_STARTUP_DIR= C:\ ptc \ workers \solid \ run set path =% path %; C:\Program Files \PTC\ wgm \x86e_win64\ obj "C:\ ptc \ creo_view_adapters \bin\ workermonitor ” -UH -s "C:\ ptc \ creo_view_adapters \bin\sw2pv" - vt -r "C:\ ptc \ workers \solid\sw2pv.rcp" -EW SOLIDWORKS – CS 5600 %* •   purple texts are added •   red texts are removed •   blue are system speci fi c


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