Borrow License Guide for Creo Parametric

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For instance you are going away on a business trips and you want to bring your laptop and use your Creo License on it. Then, it is very useful to borrow a license from the license server.

This guide describes how you borrow a license for Creo Parametric (all versions) from the license server.

Also see the steps in this guide in this video:

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3. Open the windows-browser and look for the catalogue where Creo Parametric is installed. Open it and look for a folder named Bin, in there you will find a file named: “parametric_borrow.bat”, start it. (The search path may look like this ..C:\PTC\Creo 3.0\M060\Parametric\bin...) Step 2.

1. License management Creo Parametric Borrow License Guide

4. Choose which license to borrow and choose the number of days you want to borrow the license. After the license is borrowed you start Creo Parametric with your normal startcommand (except if you are using start-scripts, in that case use the starticon from the startmenu that applies) The variable LM_BORROW_DURATION must be set on the client machine as a system environment vari - able -Set LM_BORROW_DURATION=N where N can be any number* Example: LM_BORROW_DURATION=14 The maximum borrow period for all other versions is 14** days Note*: This variable functions as an On/Off switch to increase the maximum number days for which a license can be borrowed. It cannot limit the borrow period to a number between the default and the maximum. Note**: The total number of days includes 0 as the day the license is borrowed and as the first day of the total number of days a license is borrowed. Step 3. How to set and extend the license borrow period beyond the default

2. This guide describes how you borrow a license for Creo Parametric (all versions) from the license server. Be observant that the following criteria must be fulfilled to be able to borrow license • The client-computer which will borrow the license needs to be connected to th net - work which contains the licenses or be connected to that network via a VPN-tunnel. The following rules apply to a borrowed license • The maximum number of days to borrow the license by default is set to 5. The license expires on the night for the last day. See page 4 how to extend the number of days. • When the license is borrowed from the license server it cannot be returned until it ex - pires. Unless returning it by Flexnet or FlexAdmin (see the separeate guide for this) • Don’t upgrade your software such as Creo Parametric etc. meanwhile you have borrow a license. This is how you do it: Say that you are going away on a business trip and want to bring your laptop and use your Creo license on it. What you do is connect the laptop to the network on which you have the license server. In the Creo installation you specify the server name on which you have your Creo licenses. You thereafter follow this guide using your laptop. Step 1. Please make sure that you have set the environment variable PRO_ALLOW_EARLY_RETURN to true before you perform the borrow action, if you wish to be able to return the license before the specified time has run ut. Please see separate guide ( Return a Borrowed License Early ) on how to do an early return.


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