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This page is a help and a guide for when you want to change the license file that your license server FLEXnet AdminLicense Server (ver 11.14.x) is using.
The guide contains instructions on how to point out and install a new license file.

Make sure you have received the new license file and saved it on your computer. You can order a new license file on the PTC website after logging in with your PTC account.

For Video demonstration please see: https://vimeo.com/348790475

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1. License Management Change License on the FLEXnet Admin License Server

2. Instructions for FLEXnet Admin License Server This guide describes how to change your license file on you PTC license server if you are using the FLEXnet Admin License Server. This is the type of license server that is installed with Creo Parametric, if you chose to install the license server from the installation menu of Creo Parametric. Click this link for video - demonstration The following is required when you wish to change the license file: • A new license must have been ordered, see separate guide on how to order a new license or reconfigure old ones. • Be observant on where the FLEXnet Admin License Server is installed. It can either be installed locally on your machine or on a server. Contact your IT/CAD administrator for more information.

4. Troubleshooting • The license server are stuck in the installation step • The license server are stuck in with status “starting” and no licenses can be acquired from the license server Please then try to end the setup dialog window and try following 1. Go to folder C: \ Program Files \ PTC 2. Right click on FLEXnet Admin License Server → Properties 3. Mark Users → Edit → Mark the users and add Full control → OK → Run installation again

3. 1. Save you new license file on local drive 2. Run Reconfigure.exe located in either or 3. a. Click Next in Setup License Window b. Accept the license agreement and click Next c. In the License Identification tab look at License Summary Field – Delete existing server ( e.g : 7788@John - PC) by clicking the subtraction sign – Drag and drop new license file in the field – Server status shows “ Available ” – Click Finish C: \ Program Files \ PTC \ FLEXnet Admin License Server \ bin { FLEXnet load point } \ FLEXnet Admin License Server \ bin


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