Change license on the FlexNET server (Only for Pro/Engineer & Mathcad 15)

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This page is a help and a guide for when you want to change the license file that your license server FlexNET (version 10.x) points to. The guide contains instructions on how to point out a new license file.

Make sure you have received the new license file and saved it on your computer. You can order a new license file on the PTC website after logging in with your PTC account.

For Video demonstration please see:

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1. License management Change license on the FlexNET server

3. Step 3 Open the broswer symbol in the installation window and locate your license file. Press open and configure... You have now successfully changed the license on the FlexNET server

2. This guide describes how to change your license file on your PTC-license server. To do this often the following are required: • To change the license a new license must have been ordered, see the guide how to order new licenses/reconfigure licenses • Be observant where the PTC license server is installed, it can be installed on a server or a local machine, contact your IT/CAD administrator for more info. Step 1 - Enter the bin catalog in the FlexNET install directory For example: • C:\Program Files (x86)\flexnet\bin • C:\Program File\flexnet\bin • C:\PTC\flexnet\bin • X:\PTC\flexnet\bin Step 2 - Start the ptc setup.bat file


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