Common Issue - Clear Chromium Cache in Creo Parametric

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This guide provides the step for clearing the chromium cache if running with windows_browser_type set to chromium_based_browser in config-pro.

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1. Common Issue Clear Chromium Cache Aug 2019

3. Alternative. If the cache is supposed to be removed manually or with a start - script. Go to Creo Parametrics browser and type in: chrome :// version This will show the directory where the cache is placed

2. • Step 1. Open Options in Creo Parametric 3.0 and forward releases ( Go to File > Options > Window Settings) Notice that this is only if the option windows_browser_type chromium_browser is used in Creo Parametric • Step 2. Under Browser Settings à click the Clear History button à click Yes to clear history Note!: This will also remove any saved passwords


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