Common Issue - Creo Shuts Down Unextextedly (Fatal Error)

There is a number of different things to do if you are experiencing unexpected shutdowns of Creo Parametric in form of Fatal Errors.

Here is a list of action that you can take to verify your setup and to investigate and find the root cause of the errors:
1. Verify that you are running Creo Parametric on a supported platform
2. Verify and update Creo Parametric to latest datecode
3. Update graphic card drivers
4. Set up and use Performance Advisor for Creo Parametric at your company
5. Reset your local Windchill PDMLink-cache
6. Check your search paths
7. Try to turn off Anti-virus on issue machine
8. Run Creo Parametric with full administrator access rights
9. Check connection to license server and to the Windchill PDMLink server

Read through the guide for more info.
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