Common Issue - Relative Accuracy vs Absolute Accuracy

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The model can use two kind of accuracy:

- Relative Accuracy (default)
- Absolute Accuracy

This guide is to clarify the difference between the models accuracy settings.

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1. Common Issues Relative Accuracy vs Absolute Accuracy Aug 2019

3. Enable Absolute Accuracy Issue When changing a small feature to even smaller or making a large feature even larger some features fail to regenerate . Solution Set the model to absolute accuracy and/or change the accuracy to a even smaller value : 1. Set these c first to enable setting Absolute accuracy enable_absolute_accuracy yes - adds the option to use absolute accuracy in the accuracy dialog box 2. Also set follow options to control accuracy : accuracy_lower_bound < value > - lowest possible accuracy value , in terms of relative accuracy default_abs_accuracy < value > - default value used when switching to absolute accuracy 3. Set the models accuracy to absolute and change the value :

2. Relative Accuracy vs Absolute Accuracy This guide is to clarify the difference between the models accuracy settings The model can use two kind of accuracy : Relative Accuracy (default): • This is a recommendation for regular modeling , it regenerates features faster using relative accuracy. • The PTC Help System states; use the default accuracy until you have a reason not to do so • Accuracy setting affects regeneration time / performance, see article CS64580 for more info Absolute Accuracy : The PTC Help System gives the following examples which may require a change in accuracy : • Placing a very small feature on a large part • Intersecting ( through merge or cutout ) two parts of very different size • Matching accuracy of imported geometry to its destination part • Matching model accuracies for merge , inheritance , copy geometry / publish geometry • Designing parts for manufacturing and mold design See - CS28313 - When is it necessary to modify model accuracy in Creo Parametric See - TPI 32869 - Detailed Information Regarding Model Accuracy


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