Common Issue - What to do if license request fails

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Here is a guide for what to do if a license request fails using Creo, Mathcad or any other PTC product that uses a floating license.

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1. Common Issues What to do if the License R equest Fails ( FLEXAdmin License Server 11.14)

4. Step 2 – Restart the license server Go to services (press windows button and type services ) Find the service lmadmin_ptc Restart the service: Check the ptcstatus Double - click the ptcstatus.bat file to check the status of the license server. Still get Counted after the licenses? Continue to the next step. The license server is working if there are numbers displayed after each license.

5. Step 4 – Reconfigure FLEXnet Admin Double - click reconfigure.exe or run it as an administrator to reconfigure the license server. Press Next in the PTC Installation Assistant and check the status of the license server: If the status is not Available , continue to the next step .

7. Step 7 – Contact the PDS Vision technical support Reasons for why the license server still isn’t running: • The network cards may need to be reprioritized if the PTC host ID is not a match with the host ID in the license file . • A firewall is blocking . • Other license servers interfering. • Other reason. Please contact the PDS Vision technical support. In some cases it might be necessary for us to connect to the computer remote. Please check our website for the Team Viewer Remote client.

2. Here are some tips on what to do when you get prompted with “License request failed” or something in that order when you try to run your PTC - programs. This usually means that the license server has failed to start or can’t read the license properly. Open a Command Prompt, type ptcstatus and press Enter. You should get a list of your licenses. If they are followed by Counted , as the picture below, you may proceed with the guide. Note! If you do not get any result when typing ptcstatus , please double click ptcstatus.bat , see next page

3. Step 1 – Go to < FLEXnet Admin License Server> \ bin folder The search path default is: The bin folder contains the following: Check which host ID the license server points to. The license should countain the same PTC host ID. Reconfigure the license server. Is also used to update a license file. Start the license server. Check the status for the license server. Can also be used to check which licenses are in use. C: \ Program Files \ PTC \ FLEXnet Admin License Server

6. Step 5 – Check if the PTC host ID matches the license file Run the ptchostid.bat file in the bin and note the PTC host ID. Go to the FLEXnet folder and the file licensing and open the license.dat file. The PTC host ID is located at the top of the license file. Is it a match? Also check the expiration date on the licenses in the license file. Are they still active? Step 6 – Check the energy settings on the laptop (for users with laptops) The energy settings of a laptop’s network cards can affect the license server. In some cases the network card which the license server points to is switched off when the laptop is unplugged. This can be prevented by modifying the energy settings on the computer. Open the Device Manager and look at the network cards under Network Adapters. Is anyone of them disabled? Right - click them and choose Properties and Power Management . Make sure the “ Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power ” - checkbox is not filled.


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