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This document contains the settings that are recommended by PDS Vision. Every recommended setting has a description and stated value. For some of the settings we recommend the default value and these are marked with a green color.

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18. 18 | Page display_coord_sys no Displays the datum coordinate systems. Default: yes show_preview_default keep This option determines the default behavior for preview in Show/Erase. Default: remove

5. 5 | Page new_asm_regen_revnums no (hidden) regen_read_only_insts no (hidden) save_objects changed Determines when an object and its dependent objects (such as part used in an assembly) are stored. Default: changed_and_specified mass_prop_update_force_change no (hidden) mark _insts_modified_by_mp_calc changed (hidden) create_drawing_dims_only yes Designates where to save new dimensions created within the drawing. default and available settings x yes - save all new dimensions created in the drawing inside the drawing as associative draft dimensions. x no* - save all dimensions created in drawing mode in the part. Default: no save_modified_draw_models_only yes Determines whether the system saves the model after you have changed it. default and available settings x no - saves the model every time that you store the drawing. open_simplified_rep_by_default yes Retrieves a model in a specified representation. x yes – uses Open Rep dialog x no – retrieves the Master representation. x specified name – retrieves the model in the s pecified representation name if it exists or the Default representation. save_implicitly_verified_insts no (hidden)

1. 1 | Page Here is a list of the options we recommend users to set in their - file . You can find the setting s and the recommended value s in the column to the left and a short description , and in some cases the default value, to the right. The settings are grouped after which area they affect (PDM, web browser, UI, etc), and are found in our - file in the same order. Options that are marked hidden are options that aren’t shown in Creo Configuration Editor and must be manually written in. You can also set the hidden options directly in the The settings that are marked with a green color are set tings that we recommend are set to the default value. template_solidpart Specifies the file name of the default drawing template for a part. template_designasm Specifies the designated template assembly. Use full path to avoid problems. template_drawing Specifies the file name of the default drawing template. template _sheetmetalpart Specifies the filename of the default sh eet metal part model template. A fter you set this option, it takes effect immedia tely in the current session of Creo Parametric . format_setup_file Assigns a specified setu p file to each drawing for mat. T o assign the drawings parameter values to the format, you must retrieve the drawings setup file into the format. drawing_setup_file Sets the default detail option values for your Creo Parametric session, otherwise, the system uses the default detai l option values. pro_format_dir Sets the default directory for the drawing format library. Use the full pathname to avoid problems. pro_library_dir Sets the default directory for the library. Use the full pathname to avoid problems.

12. 12 | Page make_proj_view_notes no Automatically adds view names to projection views in a specified format. The default format is <view view_name - view_name>. You can modify the view name after adding the view to a drawing. default and available settings x no* - view names are not added to projection views automatically. x Yes - view names are added to projection views automatically. Default: no enable_implied_joints yes Allow under constrained components as mechanism connections. Default: yes spin_with_notes yes x yes – 3D feature and model notes are displayed during dynamic spinning of model Default: yes model_note_display yes (hidden) sketcher_undo_reorient_view yes (hidden) can_snap_to_missing_ref no Enables snapping to missing references while using the drag - and - drop operation for component placement. Default: yes hlr_for_quilts yes Controls quilt display in hidden line removal. default and available settings x yes - includes quilts in hidden line removal process. mat_assign_appearance yes Control whether default appearance in material definition is automatically assigned to a part. Default: yes

9. 9 | Page open_window_maximized yes Open any new Creo Parametric window maximized by default. This config will override “reserve_menu_space” option. Default: no file_open_preview_default expanded Controls whether the preview area is expanded by default when the file open dialog or local file browser is displayed. Default: collapsed suppress_license_loss_dialog yes x y es – Supresses the “Regained Floating License” dialog box. x n o – The “Regained Floating License” dialog box will dis play. Default: no interface_quality 3 Sets the amount of checking for overlapping lines and collecting lines of same pen color before exporting plot or 2D file. x 0 – no check or collection x 1 – doe s not check for overlapping lines, but collects lines of the same pen color for plotting x 2 – partially checks edges with two vertices and collects lines of the same pen color for plotting. x 3 – completely checks all the edges against each other, regardless of the number of vertices, fonts, or colors. Lines of the same pen color are collected for plotting. Default: 3 accessory_window_display docked x d ocked - displays a component in an accessory window embedded in the graphics window. x undocked - displays a component in a stand alone accessory window. Default: docked

6. 6 | Page save_instance_accelerator none Determines how instances are saved with th e family tables of solid parts. x saved_o bject s – save s instance accelerator files if the instance is modified x none – accelerator files not used x explicit – saves instance accelerator files only whe n instances are explicitly saved x always – always saves instance accelerator files Default: saved objects retrieve_instance_dependencies instance_deps_only Determines the set of objects to be loaded into session when retrieving family table instances. x instance_req_generic - retrieves the family table instance, the generic model, and the generic model dependencies that are required for regeneration. Generic dependencies, such as components excluded from the instance, are not retrieved. x instance_deps_only - retrieves only the s elected instance and its dependencies. Additional models included in the generic assembly are not retrieved. x instance_and_generic_deps - retrieves the instance and all the generic models, regardless of the instance definition. N ote : W hen retrieving nested instances, intermediate generics are not retrieved. Any change in the configuration option values takes effect only when a new session is started. Default: instance_req_generic remember_replaced_components no x y es – preserve a dependency to the replaces, outgoing component x n o – the depency will, when possible, be removed Default: yes

16. 16 | Page display_thick_pipes yes Sets the default value for the pipe lightweight representation option. This configuration option can be overridden by the model display dialog box thick pipes option. x yes - displays thick pipes. x no - displays the pipe centerlines only. Default: yes pipe_solid_centerline no x yes – display Pro/PIPING centerlines x no – do not display Pro/PIPING centerlines Default: yes hole_diameter_override no x yes - on the hole tab, you can change the diameter of a suggested default diameter for standard tapped and clearance holes. Set this to yes if you are familiar with available drills and need to change the system default value. x no - a diameter value (based on the table lookup function) is displayed, and the value is grayed out so you cannot change it. Default: no orientation isometric Establishes the initial default view position, or orientation. After you set the configuration options for x_axis and y_axis, the system defaults to the user - defined values. x trimetric - orients the model trimetrically. x isometric - orients the model isometrically. x user_default - orients the model in the position specified in the configuration options x_axis and y_axis if you do not define these options, the system defaults to trimetric. Default: trimetric

11. 11 | Page millimeter_grid_interval 0.1 Set millimeter_grid_interval when you want to modify grid space in millimeter units for handle movement. Default: 0.1 todays_date_note_format %yy - %Mmm - %dd Controls the initial format of the date displayed in a drawing. The format for the setting is a string consisting of three portions: the year, the month, and the date. You can enter the portions in any order. tolerance_standard iso Sets the to lerance standard used when creating the model. Default: ansi tolerance_class fine Sets the default tolerance class for iso - standard models. The system uses the tolerance class in conjunction with the dimension value when retrieving tolerances for general or broken - edge dimensions. Default: fine tol_display no Displays dimensions without or with tolerances. Default: no weld_ui_standard iso Specifies the standard for the welding user interface for new models. Default: ansi pro_unit_length unit_mm Sets the default units for new objects. Default: unit_inch multiple_skeletons_allowed yes Allows or restricts multiple skeletons. Default: no spin_with_part_entities yes Controls whether datum planes, axes, and coordinate systems move with the components when you are placing or package moving components using the mouse. Default: yes create_temp_interfaces no Allow creation of temporary compon ent interfaces based on previous assembly instructions. Default: no enable_popup_help yes Enables pop - up help in the dialog boxes. Default: yes

7. 7 | Page web _browser_homepage Enter the location of Creo Parametric browser home page. Optional setting. windows_browser_type Configures the Creo Parametric browser to use the engine of internet explorer (ie) or the mozilla - based embedded browser. x ie_in_process - specifies that the Creo Parametric browser uses the ie engine in the same process as that of Creo Parametric . The windows_browser_type configuration option is set to ie_in_process by default on the 64 - bit operating systems. PTC recommends this setting of the windows_browser_type configuration option for large assemblies that require equally large workspaces. x ie_in_sep_process - specifies that Creo Parametric uses the ie engine in a separate child process initiated from the Creo Parametric process. The configuration option is set to ie_in_sep_processby default on the 32 - bit operating systems. x mozilla_based_browser - specifies that the Creo Parametric browser uses the mozilla - based embedding engine in a separate child process ini tiated from the Creo Parametric process. You can set windows_browser_typeto this value on the 32 and 64 - bit operating systems. Mass Configuration Recommended settings Description regen_solid_before_save no Controls whether to regenerate top model, or promote user before regeneration if it is requested. Default: prompt mass_property_calculate by_request Calculate mass properties upon regeneration, by request, or on save. Default: by_request

4. 4 | Page regenerate_read_only_objects no Determines whether an object fetched from a PDM system with blocking status can be regenerated i n a Creo Parametric session. Default: yes save_hidden_items_w_status yes The items on the “Hidden Items” temporary layer are stored permanently when layer display status is saved with Save Status command. verify_on_save_by_default yes x yes – “Verify Now” action will be selected in the conflict dialog by default when an unverified family table instance is to be saved in PDM workspace. x no – “Verify Now” action will not be selected by default. The user may explicitly specify the “Verify Now” a ction in the conflict dialog. x Default: no relat_marks_obj_modified no (hidden) retrieve_data_sharing_ref_parts no Retrieves the referenced parts for dependent features with shared data, such as inheritance, external copy geometry, external shrink wrap, and external merge. x n o - ignores referenced parts in the retrieval. x y es - prompts the user to accept each referenced part during the retrieval. x i gnore_missing - skips any missing referenced part, sends a message to that effect, and continues the retrieval process. Default: no bump_revnum_on_retr_regen no Determines whether or not revision number is increased for generic models that regenerate and change duwing assembly retrieval. Only applies if new_asm_regen_revnums is yes (otherwise, there will be no revision number bumping). Default: yes freeze_failed_assy_comp no Determines the treatment of assembly components that fail retrieval. By default, the system requires a specific action to fix the assembly or freeze the component. x y es - automatically freezes any component that fails retrieval into the assembly at its last known location. After deleting a component in an assembly, any child of that component has the status regenerated, even though its make datum reference was deleted. x n o - requires an assembly fix or freeze of the component that fails retrieval. Default: no

10. 10 | Page new_parameter_ui yes Enable the new parameter editor and user interface. Default: yes trail_delay 0 Sets a delay in seconds between steps in a trail file. Default: 0 use_8_plotter_pens yes Specifies whether to support up to 8 plotter pens. Default: 4 edge_display_quality high Controls the display quality of an edge for a wireframe and for hidden - line removal by varying the tessellation. x n ormal - provides a normal quality of edge display. x high - increases tessellation by a factor of 2. x very_high - increases tessellation by a factor of 3. x low - decreases tessellation compared to normal, thus speeding up the display of an object. Default: normal shade_quality 10 Allows you to determine how much of the surface you can sub divide for shading. Higher value of shade quality renders better smoothness and details of the model surface. You can set the value for shade quality in a range of 1 to 50. Rendering with higher shade quality is slower, but renders better quality pictures. Default: 3 save_display yes Determines whether to store view geometry and detail items such as solid dimensions in the view - only mode. default and available settings x no* — does not display geometry and detail items in view - only mode. x yes — stores view geometry and detail items such as solid dimensions. these items are displayed when retrieving the drawing in view - only mode. Default: no menu_show_instances yes Determines whether instance names listed in instance index files appear in file lists. Default: yes

8. 8 | Page fast_highlight no Toggles fast highlight and standard highlight of selected assembly components during spin, pan, and zoom operations. Applies for models in the wireframe, hidden line, no hidden line, and shaded modes. x y es - fast highlight. Selected compo nents, annotation features, datum curves, and cables associated with the selected components are highlighted and displayed during spin, pan, and zoom operations. Datum planes of selected components are not automatically highlighted unless specifically sele cted. x no - standard highlight. Datum planes of selected components are automatically highlighted. Default: y es lods_enabled no Uses level of detail (lod) in shaded models during dynamic orientation (panning, zooming, and spinning). During runtime, you can override this setting by clicking Tools>Level of Detail>E nvironment. Default: no retain_display_memory no Determines whether the display of an object on the screen is kept in memory when you quit the wind ow. Default: y es use _new_shaded_views_layers no (hidden) general_undo_stack_l imit 20 Sets the number of undo or redo operations. If the number of operations exceeds 50, the first operation in the stack is removed first, and so on. sketcher_undo_stack_limit 20 Sketcher saves a copy of each function performed. The number of possible saved functions depends on the number specified in the option. The undo menu can be used to remove the stored functions. After you set this option, it takes effect immediately in the current sessio n of Creo Parametric . overlays_enabled yes x y es – enables Creo Parametric screens and menus to be places on different overlay layers of the hardware graphics card. This frees memory for Creo Parametric use. Default: no shade_surface_feat no Displays surface features with shading. Default: yes display_silhouette_edges no Sets the display of silhouette edges for wireframe display only. Default: yes skip_small_surfaces yes Gives the user the option not to display small shaded surfaces. Disabling this option will improve display quality at the expense of speed. It it most useful for creating screen snap shots. Default: yes

14. 14 | Page relations_num_const_units no Checks for units in a relation, issues a warning if units are missing, and prompts you to apply units. If you want to add a relation to nonsolid models, such as notebook and bulks, you must always specify units for numeric constants. the setting of this configuration option is ignored for nonsolid models. Default: yes use_nom_dim_val_in_expr yes x ye s – use dimensions’ normal values in expressions x no – use current values Default: no tiff_type palette Determines the type of tiff items that are exported and identifies the color to use. Shaded images are exported to the tiff format as 24 - bit RGB images, by default. Palette color (level 3) mode is also supported. You can set tiff_type to any one of the following values, when you select tiff as the plotter type: palette 8 - bit colors x rgb - 24 - bit colors x grayscale - gray scale colors x mono - black and white Note: Plotting to tiff does not support shaded images. Default: rgb step_appearance_layers_groups yes x no – output of Appearances, Layers, and Groups is enabled for STEP standard AP214 x yes – output of Appearances, Layers, and Groups is enabled for STEP standard AP203 Default: no step_out_material_as_product yes Exports the material properties of name and density in the Creo Parametric models to the step files as separate product entities . Default: no step_out_asm_val_prop yes Exports the validation information of Creo Parametric assemblies to the ap203_e2 and the ap214_is STEP formats. These formats support the export of the assembly validation property with the name, number of children . Default: no

3. 3 | Page disable_search_path_check yes Controls whether the search path is checked for name conflicts when creating, renaming, or copying models. A check ensures that only models with unique names are in session. Default: no d m_ba ckground_operations yes (hidden) dm_cache_mode all Indicates which objects will be saved to local cache when you save the objects in Creo Parametric . Default: all dm_cache_limit 0 Cache size (in megabytes). Enter the amount of disk space (in megabytes) to allocate for local file storage. dm_http_compression_level 0 Set the data compression factor of commands sent to the PDM server (0 - 9, 0=no compres sion) for data exchange with a W indchill server. Note : this does not affect the compression of file content. dm_network_request_size 1000000 (hidden) dm_network_retries 50 (hidden) dm_network_threads 6 (hidden) dm_overwrite_contents_on_update no x n o - does not overwrite the locally modified contents for out of date objects, but updates their metadata only. x y es - overwrites the locally modified or out of date objects with the ones in the server in addition to updating their metadata. Default : n o dm _remember_server yes Affects whether Creo Parametric attempts to log into the primary server upon startup. dm_search_primary_server yes Search the primary server for dependencies not found in the workspace. dm_secondary_upload explicit Indicates when mod ified Creo Parametric objects on a secondary server will be moved from the local cache to the user's workspace on the server. dm_upload_objects explicit Indicates when modified Creo Parametric objects will be moved from the local cache to the user workspace on the server. dir_cache_max 500 Specify the maximum number of directories to cache. Larger values can speed up file access, but use more memory. let_proe_rename_pdm_objects yes Determines whether an object fetched from a PDM database can be renamed in a Creo Parametric session.

17. 17 | Page save_model_display shading_high Sets amount of graphical data stored. x wireframe – wireframe data x shading_high – most detail (shaded) x shading_low – least detail (shaded) x shading_lod – detail determined by View Performance dialog (shaded) Default: shading_lod save_drawing_picture_file embed x no - does not embed or save the drawing as a picture file. x embed* - embeds a picture file inside a drawing for preview purposes. x export - saves a drawing file as a picture file in the current working directory when saving a drawing. x both - does both embed and export. Default: embed dis play_plane_tags no Displays the datum tags. Default: no display_planes no Displays the datum planes. Default: yes display_points no Displays datum points and their names. Default: yes display_axes no Displays the datum axes. Default: yes display _thick_cables yes Sets the default startup mode. x yes - displays thick cables and wires. x no - displays centerlines of wires and cables only. You can override this option in the cabling mode using the environment dialog box, model display dialog box, or by selecting thick cables from the menu bar. Default: no

13. 13 | Page plot_names yes x no - gives plot files, except postscript plots, the extension plt. x yes - gives all plot files descriptive extensions: x hp - for hewlett - packard x hp2 - for hewlett - packard hpgl2 x cal - for calcomp x ver - for versatec x ger - for gerber photoplotters x ps - for postscript (including color) Default: yes show_geom_checks_on_creation no x yes - the show errors menu appears at the end of feature creation when the feature has geometry checks. Default: no enable_absolute_accuracy yes Controls the display of the accuracy menu, from which you can choose relative accuracy or absolute accur acy. x yes - the accuracy menu always appears when you choose accuracy from the part setup menu. x no - the menu appears only if the part is currently defined with absolute accuracy. Default: No accuracy_lower_bound 1e - 12 Enter an accuracy value to override the default lower limit of 0.0001. The upper limit is fixed at 0.01. display_annotat ions no Controls the display of annotati ons in the graphics window in 3D models. Default: yes pro_unit_mass unit_kilogram Sets the default units for mass for new object s. Default: unit_pound cleanup_layout_dependencies yes (hidden)

2. 2 | Page pro_material_dir Sets the default directory for the part material library. Use the full path to avoid problems. for example, /home/users/library/material . file_open_default_folder Sets default directory from which to open a file when using F ile > O pen . x in_session - searches objects in session. x my_documents - searches the my documentsfolder. x pro_library - searches the library directory in library. x workspace - searches the workspace in pdm application. x commonspace - searc hes the commonspace in Pro/I ntralink. x working_directory Default : searches for the My D ocuments folder on Windows. When you click File>O pen, Creo Parametric opens the directory where the previous file open dialog box was closed. I n a linked session with a PDM appl ication, it searches the active workspace. trail_dir Creates the trail file in the specified directory rather than in the startup directory. mdl_tree_cfg_file Specifies the model tree configuration file to be loaded when you start Creo Parametric . sys tem_colors_file Specifies the full path within the - file that sets the default color of the graphics. search_path_file Specifies the Creo Parametric search path. The option can have several path names on a single line, separated by co mmas, semicolons, or spaces. W hichever delimiter you choose, you must then use consistently. The option can appear any number of times in the configuration file, so it is not necessary to have more than one path name to a line. If objects with the same name ar e stored in more than one search - path directory, the system retrieves the first one that it finds, regardless of which object is the most recent. pen_table_file Specifies the path to the pen table file. Optional s etting

15. 15 | Page step_export_format ap203_e2 Determines the format when you export 3D model and drawing data to step. This configuration option is available as the step export format3d data exchange setting in the Creo Parametric options dialog box. x ap202_is - export s the drawing using the ap202is STEP application protocol and conformance class. x ap203_isâ - exports a 3d model using the iso 10303 ap203is STEP application protocol and conform ance class. x 203_is_ext - exported file includes ap203 val idation properties by default. T o include ap203 extensions by default in the file that you are exporting to STEP , set the step_export_format confi guration option to 203_is_ext. S etting step_export_fo rmatto 203_is_ext, exports data to a STEP file that conforms to the international standard of STEP with the following extensions: - cla - colors and layers - g vp - geometric validation - ast - associative text x ap203_e2 - exports the non - geometric data of the 3D models using the ap203 ed2 STEP application protocol and conformance class. The non - geometric data includes the material name and density, the geometric and the assembly validation properties, and the user - defined parameters. This includes the functionali ty in ap203_is_ext. T he ap203_e2format exports annotations by default. x ap214_cd - exports the drawing using the ap214cd2 STEP application protocol and conformance class. Formats the output with geometry that meets the specification for the schema for ap214 cc1. x ap214_dis - exports the drawing using the ap214dis STEP application protocol and conformance class. Validation properties are also exported. x ap209_dis - exports the 3D model using the ap209dis STEP application protocol and conformance class. Edges, b oundary conditions, constraints, loads, mesh, and mid planes data are not supported for export. x ap214_is - exports the 3D model using the ap214is STEP application protocol and conformance class. Supports the exchange of non - geometric data and graphical annotations. The non - geometric data includes the material name and density, the geometric and the assembly validation properties, and the user - defined parameters. The assembly validation property verifies the number of child components of the assembly. You must explicitly set the intf3d_out_annotationsconfiguration option to yes for the ap214_isformat to export annotations. Default: ap203_is (in 3D mode), ap214_cd ( in drawing mode) frt_enabled yes Loads feature recognition application Default: no


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